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Betting Sites In Nigeria With High Odds

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Which are the betting sites in Nigeria with high odds? Which Bet site gives the highest odds? What do betting odds mean? Which betting site has the best betting odds in Nigeria? Why betting odds change? How betting odds affect winnings? Where to find the highest football betting odds? Which site has the best live betting odds?

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Betting Sites In Nigeria With Best Betting Odds

As a bettor in Nigeria, if you don’t know the value of betting odds, you may just be dealing with the wrong betting site.

I mean….why would you want to bet on betting sites with low betting odds?!

So now, I know your next question will be which are the betting sites in Nigeria with high odds so you can maximize your winnings?

I have compared and examined the odds from site to site and picked out the best betting sites in Nigeria that offer high betting odds.

Before I show you the bet sites with the highest odds in Nigeria, let me clear the air on some questions bothering on odds.

What Do Betting Odds Mean?

Whether it’s online betting or the ones you do in betting shops near you, it is very important you know that what betting odds do is to show the chances or probability of a sports event happening, and they are usually expressed in numbers.

See a sample image of what odds look like below:

Betting Sites In Nigeria With High Odds

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What bookmakers do with odds is to make teams that are very likely to win a match have low odds and vice versa.

You see the importance of going for betting sites in Nigeria with high odds? They obviously determine the amount of money you can win from online sports betting.

How Betting Odds Work

Somehow, I just explained how betting odds work above, though briefly.

Let me now illustrate it with teams in the Premier League.

Take, for instance, a game between Brighton and Manchester City, expectedly, City will win the match. And so bookmakers will a lot them low odds, while Brighton gets high odds.

Let’s say the bookie gives Man City 1.36 odds to win and Brighton 8.02 odds to win, the formula to calculate the value of your winnings is to multiply the odds by your stake.

If your stake is ₦1,000 on a Man City win, following the above odds, you’ll win ₦1,360. And if you fancy the big upset and wagered that amount on a Brighton win, you’ll win a whooping ₦8,200. You and I know that will not happen, but then again, it’s football where anything could happen!

But, if a match result’s odds are not favourable, there are other options in the markets that give good value. Like the Man City odd that has low value even after a win, you can add other betting options to get more value.

Take, for instance, you can back the Cityzens to win the first half, to score a certain number of goals or wager on how many corner kicks they will play in the match, all these other markets have higher odds.

Why Are Betting Odds Important?

When you take a look at betting odds across betting sites, the difference from bookmaker to bookmaker is little, but they are greatly significant especially when you are investing big sums of money, or compiling your accumulators.

That’s why you should go for the bookie with the best betting odds to maximize your winnings.

Some of the importance of betting odds in online sports betting include the following:

  1. Betting odds show the likelihood of an event happening
  2. Potential winnings’ value is determined by it
  3. Betting odds help plan betting strategy
  4. They help maximize winnings

Nigerian Betting Sites Odds Or International Sites?

No doubt, international betting sites like Bet365 and Betway offer higher odds when you compare theirs to the Nigerian betting sites.

So does that mean Nigerian betting sites have low odds?

Not exactly. Yes, theirs in some cases is higher but the odds on Nigerian betting sites are very competitive too. In short, some local betting sites have higher odds than some international ones.

Let me now show you the top five betting sites with the highest odds in Nigeria.

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Top 5 Bookmakers With Highest Odds In Nigeria


betting sites in Nigeria with high odds

When it comes to betting odds, Betway is one of the sites with super high odds in Nigeria.

This bookie offers high odds across all sports and gives sports bettors in Nigeria sumptuous bonuses on accumulators.

This betting site also blesses its customers with bonuses and promotions like 4 to Score, Betway Money Back Boost, Cut One and many more.

With Betway Odds, many Nigerians don’t want to miss their great odds and bonuses.


Aside from not accepting the Nigerian Naira, Bet365 offers super competitive odds on online sports betting and so makes the list of top betting sites with the best odds in the country.

The No. 1 bookmaker in the world, however, accepts Nigerians to deposit money and conduct transactions in foreign currencies (dollars or pounds), the Naira equivalent will be deducted from your bank account.

Bet365 La Liga odds are one of a kind and they also excel in many other great betting features like live betting, cash out, and of course, the famous bet365 live streaming.

They also boast a lip-smacking welcome bonus for new customers worth 100% of first deposits as free bets.


betting sites in Nigeria with high odds

1xBet is arguably the best betting site in Nigeria with the finest football betting odds. Their football section is quite large with very competitive, amazing and tantalizing odds across all markets, including English Premier League betting.

Even though 1xBet is in the Nigerian market, the bookmaker originated from Europe and accepts our Naira with several convenient payment options, including ATM card funding.

The 1xBet welcome bonus is a massive 200% of your first deposits and is one of the best in Nigeria.

“Enhanced Daily Odds” is one of the features on 1xBet where a series of events are combined and offered at higher odds to customers.

That combination is presented as a single event with its own unique boosted betting odds but if you select the events one by one, the odds will be lower than the boosted odds. Note that you must bet on the combination as it is presented on the betting site.


Some betting sites in Nigeria offer live betting odds with great in-play odds to make the most from live betting.

Live betting odds constantly change because of the dynamic and fast-paced nature of in-play betting. Based on the match situation, the odds on a particular outcome go up and down.

A great live betting site offers high odds regardless of the state of the match and Betwinner is one of such sites with huge live betting odds. For emphasis sake, they are one of the finest live betting sites with the highest live betting odds in Nigeria

They have a neat and vibrant live betting section, packed with many sports and betting options that come with very high odds. Also, they have a high welcome bonus, up to ₦100,000 for new sign-ups.

Apart from pre-match and live betting, there is also the popular outright betting AKA long-term betting.

 Outrights betting means you’ll have to wager on the outcome of an entire tournament and not just an individual event. Bettors usually put high stakes on outright bets.

Outright betting is not just for football, but other sports like tennis, basketball, hockey, golf and so on.

The other two bookmakers in Nigeria that offer the highest outright odds are 1xBet and 22Bet.


betting sites in Nigeria with high odds

When it comes to World Class Nigerian sites with high odds, the Nigerian betting site that stands out is bet9ja. Though Nigerian-owned, bet9ja has developed into one of the best betting sites in the world.

Bet9ja odds compare very favourably with some of the best in the betting business. These high odds cut across their large betting markets.

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Wrap Up

That is the list of betting sites in Nigeria with high odds. You can start placing your bets now that you know the betting sites that offer the best betting odds in the country. You can check out some other great bookmakers in Nigeria.

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