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9 Most Expensive Things Cristiano Ronaldo Owns

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What are the 9 most expensive things Cristiano Ronaldo owns?

From cars to a wax statue of himself in his house, Ronaldo knows just how to spend his money and live the most luxurious life.

I bet you would do the same when you become super-rich and famous, you’d want your super-story to be one with lots of money. Then you’d figure that’s what Stars are supposed to do just because they are super cool, right?

I guess I’m beginning to rhyme like the Nigerian multi-award-winning R&B singer, Praise Ugbede Adejo AKA Praiz.

Whether what happens is that these celebrities develop a taste for the most expensive things, or they just have the means to buy things they’ve always wanted, only God knows.

But would you say the world’s second-richest footballer is spending his millions of dollars on the most over-the-top ridiculously expensive things?

Let me now show you the most expensive things the Portuguese football star owns.

Here on this list of the most expensive things Cristiano Ronaldo owns, I am going to rank 9 of them.

Most Expensive Things Owned By Cristiano Ronaldo

9. Fashion

Ronaldo is a good-looking man, which is why he is often chosen for modelling shots and why brands constantly want to work with him, and a large reason for that is because of how he takes care of his appearance. Who wouldn’t use one of the richest athletes in the world to model their brand?

8. Cleaners

Having a cleaner to keep his houses looking fresh on a regular basis, ensuring that his luxury homes are always looking great, and keeping his trophies looking fresh and clean so that they can look as good as possible in his cabinets. It might not seem like a major expense, but when you own several properties that need to be maintained on a regular basis, things start to add up and need to be kept up.

7. Sneakers

most expensive things Cristiano Ronaldo owns

Ronaldo is a big fan of fashion and that certainly extends down to his shoes, with the talented Manchester United forward having a vast collection of shoes and sneakers, especially limited edition trainers which help him stand out even more, all of these set him back a pretty price. Yes, he might not need to pay for any football boots, since he has a lifetime deal with Nike that will see the company provide Ronaldo with the latest and most amazing boots available, but he does need to purchase himself fanciful trainers.

6. $27k For Two Bottles Of Wine

Since he could afford to spend over 27K USD on just two bottles of wine, this deserves an honorary mention here on the 10 most expensive things Cristiano Ronaldo owns. A couple of years ago, he made headlines for buying two bottles of the most expensive red wine in just 15 minutes.

5. Bugatti Centodieci

most expensive things Cristiano Ronaldo owns

The latest thing he allegedly spent big bucks on is his recently purchased limited-edition hypercar. At 8.5 million euros, the car is so exclusive that reportedly only 10 of them are destined for production. It’s no surprise that one of the owners is none other than Ronaldo even if he had to wait until 2021 for it to be delivered to him. Ronaldo is a well-known car enthusiast and aside from the Bugatti Centodieci, he has a wide collection of vehicles to choose from in order to get from his home to training. He also owns a Bentley, a Porsche, a Mercedes, and a Lamborghini Aventador, making his garage one to envy.

4. Diamond-Encrusted Custom Made Jacob & Co. Watch

most expensive things Cristiano Ronaldo owns

Ronaldo, who is one of the players with the most Champions League appearances, has a watch designed by Jacob and Co. It was customized, especially for Ronaldo and featured 424 white diamonds, with the timepiece reportedly costing $1.8 million, a huge sum of money for a watch. Know anyone with a watch that cost that much?!

3. Ronaldo’s Wax Figure

most expensive things Cristiano Ronaldo owns

At just $25,000, it’s probably one of the cheapest things Ronaldo owns, but considering how unexpected and over-the-top it actually is, it deserves a place on this list. I mean, who else is obsessed with themselves so much that they would spend thousands of dollars for a wax statue of themselves? Basically, Madrid’s Museum of Wax honoured Ronaldo with a statue and he was so impressed that he had a replica made which he reportedly keeps at his house. This is the level of self-love people should aspire to reach.

2. Ronaldo’s NYC Apartment

most expensive things Cristiano Ronaldo owns

Out of all the houses he owns, and there are a lot, the one in New York, located in Trump Towers, seems to be the most expensive out of the lot. With a price tag of $18.5 million, the gorgeous house has a nice view of the Hudson River, the Empire State Building, and the Central Park among other landmarks.

1. Private Jet

most expensive things Cristiano Ronaldo owns

Of course, the number one on my list of the most expensive things Cristiano Ronaldo owns is his Gulfstream G650 private jet. Ronaldo’s private jet, which is worth about $70 million, and is capable of holding over a dozen people on any one flight, is the most expensive thing the football star owns. Ronaldo does not need to worry about the hustle and bustle of busy airports and planes, he could just simply use his own.

Wrap Up

Those are the nine most expensive things Cristiano Ronaldo owns. Of course, he must have been able to achieve all those with major endorsement and sponsorship deals he has gotten over the years which has made him an incredibly rich man. And because of that, he has been able to buy some very expensive things.

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