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Best Cash Out Betting Sites: Top 5 Analyzed

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What is the best cash out betting sites? Which betting site has the highest payout in Nigeria? Which is the best betting site in Nigeria? Which betting apps have cash out? Does betPawa have cashout? Is there cash out in 1XBet? How fast is Melbet payout? How fast is NairaBet payout?

If you plan on placing a bet and you have no idea which are the best cash out betting sites, then you are doing yourself no good.

Some betting sites in Nigeria do offer fantastic and the fastest payouts when it comes to withdrawing your winnings?

You need to consider the following bookmakers’ sites below if you’re interested in fast withdrawals.

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Best Cash Out Betting Sites In Nigeria


Best Cash Out Betting Sites

This bookie is undoubtedly Nigeria’s most popular betting site and has a great cashout option that can be very beneficial if you know your way around it.

Well-spaced games should be your targets if you know you wish to fall back on the Bet9ja cashout option.

The cashout option on Bet9ja can only be used when 50% of your games have been confirmed successful and not more than one of the remaining games is running.

At this stage, the cashout amount is normally high. So it’s your choice if you want to go for it, that is if you are not so sure about the other games.

However, if you don’t cashout now and decide to wait deep into the game and then the last or the one before the last event puts your ticket at risk, then the return at this point will be very low and may turn out negative when compared to your initial stake. 


Best Cash Out Betting Sites

Betking’s friendly return when you use their cash-out option makes them one of the best cash out betting sites in Nigeria. They offer a more realistic cashout amount.

The only time you will be making a return less than your initial stake is when the last game is far gone and clearly against you. So, avoid this situation with BetKing.


This site can be said to be the best cashout betting site in the country because of all the features it boasts.

Bet365 has full cash-out and partial cash-out features. Its cashout return is quite a very generous one and allows the possibility of saving good cash despite ongoing sports clearly against you.

Another great thing about this site is the vast range of markets it offers, which no other betting site in Nigeria can compare.


Merrybet also comes with two cashout options. Their different types of cashout features are the full cashout and the partial cashout.

When you have a game or two left, and you feel the chances of winning are low, then you can apply the full cashout button to withdraw your money.

As for the partial cashout, you get an attractive option of cashing out while your bet is still running. What this feature does is that it allows you to share the available cashout amount into two in which you withdraw one part and stake the other on the remaining games just in case they turn out successful.

Note though, that the earnings from this partial cashout feature may be small because their returns are not very friendly and may not be enough for a reasonable win after it has been divided. 


Best Cash Out Betting Sites

Betway’s cashout offers are similar to that of Merrybet and have a wider range of markets and a slightly better cashout return.

The Full Cashout and the Partial Cashout feature are available as well.

Just like it is with most betting sites, the full cashout option on Betway can be activated when you feel a game, yet to be played, may spoil your ticket, while the partial cashout feature allows you cashout some of the returns and stake the rest on the remaining games.

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Wrap Up

Those are the best cashout betting sites in Nigeria. You can choose any of the above if cash out is foremost for you before staking a bet with any of the bookmakers.

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