Football NewsBrentford boss calls for more support for Eriksen
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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Brentford boss calls for more support for Eriksen


Brentford manager, Thomas Frank has said that he believes Christian Eriksen must be supported incredibly as he plans to regain his football life back.

Eriksen, who suffered a cardiac arrest during a group game against Finland at last year’s UEFA Euro Championship, made a sensational return to football on Saturday when he came on in the 52nd minute against Newcastle, a game they lost 2-0. 

Despite that there was a standing ovation for the 30-year old Dane when he came on, Frank understands why fans reacted so positively to Eriksen coming onto the pitch, and he further opined that he should be treated as any other player in the squad.

Frank said: “I completely understand the circumstances which make Christian coming back to football a really big event.”

“But now he has played his first game, he really wants to just speak about football and less about what happened in June.”

“He wants to be treated like a normal football player — even though we know he will never be a normal football player because of what happened to him.

“For everyone involved in football, it was a big moment. It was fantastic to see the reception he received and it was a big moment for Christian and his family.“

“Now he should only talk with his feet and speak about football instead of everything else.” 

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