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Dele Alli Ex-Girlfriend Shares Terrifying Robbery at His London Home

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Ruby Mae, the ex-girlfriend of footballer Dele Alli, has opened up about the harrowing experience of a robbery that took place at Alli’s London home in May 2020. The model revealed that she feared for her life during the incident, which saw armed robbers raid their residence in Hadley Wood, northeast London.

Mae, who was watching a Netflix thriller while Alli played pool with friends downstairs, described how two masked men appeared and attempted to steal valuables from her. She bravely tried to protect their dog, Uno, as the robbers roughed up Alli and forced him upstairs.

The model recounted the terrifying moments when she realized something was wrong. She described the confusion of seeing a silhouette by the bedroom door, which turned out to be one of the robbers. The intruder then approached her, demanding to know the whereabouts of their belongings while attempting to remove her jewelry.

Mae admitted that she didn’t know what to expect next and felt like she was in a movie. The incident left her in shock, with her primary concern being the safety of their dog. She struggled to comply with the robber’s demands, holding onto Uno in panic.

Eventually, the raiders fled the scene, realizing they had been in the house for an extended period. Mae expressed the lasting impact the robbery had on her and everyone involved, stating that being home alone now feels scarier than before. She confessed that the incident still lingers in her thoughts, and she can’t believe it actually happened.

No arrests have been made in connection with the robbery, leaving Mae with a sense of unease, knowing that the perpetrators are still at large. The couple ended their relationship in 2021 after meeting at a London bar in 2016.

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