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AFCON 2021: Beware of Guinea-Bissau -Jonas Mendes Warns Eagles, Egypt, Sudan

Goalkeeper and captain of Guinea Bissau Jonas Mendes has warned AFCON Group D favourites Super Eagles and Egypt his team cannot be taken for granted as they are fired up to do their country proud in Cameroon.

“Beware of facing us because everyone thinks Guinea Bissau are a small team,” Mendes warned. “We will surprise a lot of people, we are capable of that, so you have to take us seriously.”

He further said: “We must focus on ourselves and on the coach’s tactical guidance and go to the pitch to do our best.

“Every time we play, we play for ourselves and for our country because we give them happiness when we achieve positive results.

“We play for the people who are suffering in our country and we must do our best to help them smile, even if they are only going to smile for a day.”

They will battle the Eagles on January 19, in a final Group D clash in Garoua

The West African nation made their AFCON debut in 2017 and also played at the 2019 tournament.

Djurtus, as they are known by their fans, yet to reach the knockout rounds of the competition.

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