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Alex Iwobi Clears Instagram Amid Mounting Criticism Over AFCON Performance

Nigerian footballer Alex Iwobi grabbed attention by wiping out nearly all his Instagram posts in the aftermath of facing criticism for his performance in the Africa Cup of Nations

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Nigerian footballer Alex Iwobi has made headlines after deleting almost all his Instagram posts following criticism over his performance in the Africa Cup of Nations.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria suffered a 2-1 defeat against Cote d’Ivoire in the AFCON final held on Sunday night at the Olympic Stadium in Abidjan.

Unfortunately, Iwobi became the target of trolls on social media, who directed harsh criticism towards him for his perceived poor performance during the tournament.

This prompted a wave of negative comments, with some users even questioning his future in the national team.

The backlash didn’t stop at Iwobi, as trolls also targeted his cousin, Daniella Okocha, and asked her to persuade her father, Jay-Jay Okocha, a former Nigerian footballer, to exclude Iwobi from future national team selections.

In an apparent response to the criticism, Iwobi deleted almost all his Instagram posts, leaving only a December 2023 clothing advertisement post.

Furthermore, he disabled the comment section on his Instagram page to prevent further negative messages.

Iwobi’s football journey began at Arsenal, where he developed his skills and established himself as a formidable player.

Currently, he serves as a midfielder for Premier League club Fulham.

It is unfortunate to see a player facing such harsh criticism, especially after representing his country at a prestigious tournament like AFCON.

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