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Sadiq Hits Back at Critics After Super Eagles Loss: “I Am Not Iwobi O”

Super Eagles striker Umar Sadiq adds his voice to Nigerian footballers condemning cyberbullying aimed at teammate Alex Iwobi after AFCON defeat in Cote d'Ivoire.

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Super Eagles striker, Umar Sadiq, has joined the growing list of Nigerian footballers who have spoken out against the cyberbullying targeted at his fellow teammate, Alex Iwobi, following Nigeria’s defeat in the AFCON tournament in Cote d’Ivoire.

Although Sadiq was not part of the national team, he too has faced criticism online for the Super Eagles’ performance throughout the tournament.

Taking to his Instastories, Sadiq expressed his frustration and issued a warning to those trolling him, clarifying that he is not Alex Iwobi.

He further stated that he would not hesitate to insult anyone who tried to drag him into the ongoing controversy.

Sadiq also defended Iwobi against his critics, highlighting the negative impact cyberbullying can have on a person’s mental health.

In his post, Sadiq wrote,

“I no even play you con dey insult me abeg oo, me I no be Iwobi, I go insult person papa with him mama join. Yes I be dat topical Hausa boy abi u see fear for my eyes. Pushing someone into depression and mental breakdown. Yet you want life to be better for you, e no fit better for una. Vagabonds.”

Sadiq’s response sheds light on the harmful effects of cyberbullying and emphasizes the importance of empathy and support within the football community.

It serves as a reminder that footballers, like anyone else, can be deeply affected by online harassment and that such behavior should not be tolerated.

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