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Jealousy Allegations Debunked: Mido Points to Liverpool’s Decision as Evidence

Ex-Tottenham Hotspur striker Mido has expressed his concerns about Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah's capacity for leadership.

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Former Tottenham Hotspur striker Mido has voiced his criticism of Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah’s leadership abilities.

Salah, who is currently recovering from a hamstring injury sustained during the Africa Cup of Nations, has faced widespread criticism in his home country of Egypt.

Despite defending himself and his agent speaking out against the criticism, the backlash continues, with several Egyptian football legends, including Hossam Hassan, verbally attacking him.

Mido, the latest Egyptian to criticize Salah, questioned his leadership skills by highlighting that Jurgen Klopp has not appointed him as the captain of Liverpool.

Mido compared Salah’s leadership to that of Lionel Messi for Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal, stating that Salah does not have the same impact on the pitch as these players do.

He emphasized the importance of a captain directing players during penalty kicks and imposing their personality on the team.

Mido also suggested that Salah’s performance would suffer if he were the captain of Liverpool, as he believes Salah struggles to handle the burden of captaincy.

He argued that Salah should not be the captain of Egypt, as it has negatively affected him and limited his freedom on the pitch.

Mido acknowledged that some may accuse him of jealousy towards Salah, but he firmly disagreed, stating that he cannot imagine respected players like Ahmed Fathi or Hossam Hassan giving up the captain’s armband for Salah.

He emphasized that the situations of Messi and Ronaldo are different from Salah’s, as they possess different personalities and mentalities.

In conclusion, Mido believes that Salah lacks the necessary leadership qualities and struggles to handle the responsibilities of being a captain.

He questions why Salah has not been given the captain’s armband at Liverpool and suggests that he should be stripped of the Egypt captaincy.

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