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Who is The Youngest Goalscorer in UCL History?

In the illustrious history of the UEFA Champions League, there have been many remarkable achievements and records set by some of the greatest footballers to grace the game.

One such record was the title of the youngest goalscorer in the tournament, which stood unchallenged for an impressive 22 years.

From October 1997 until December 2019, the record belonged to a single player who etched his name in the history books.

Ansu Fati’s Breakthrough

When Fati scored his first goal in the Champions League, he was just 17 years and 40 days old.

The goal came during a match between FC Barcelona and Inter Milan on December 10, 2019.

Fati’s goal not only secured a victory for his team, but it also made him the youngest ever goalscorer in the prestigious tournament.

At that moment, many believed that Fati would hold onto the record for another two decades.

However, as the saying goes, records are meant to be broken, and the current season presents a credible threat to Fati’s achievement.

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A Credible Threat

As the current season progresses, there is a strong possibility that the record for the youngest goalscorer in the Champions League will be broken once again.

With the emergence of several talented young players across Europe, it seems more likely than ever that Fati’s record will be surpassed.

Youngsters such as Eduardo Camavinga, Jude Bellingham, and Youssoufa Moukoko have already made their mark on the tournament, showcasing their immense talent and potential.

These players possess the skills and opportunities to challenge Fati’s record and create their own piece of history.

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While it remains to be seen who will ultimately claim the title of the youngest goalscorer in the Champions League, one thing is certain: the future of football is in safe hands.

These young talents represent the next generation of footballing superstars, and their performances on the grandest stage only serve to reinforce this notion.


Ansu Fati’s achievement as the youngest goalscorer in the history of the UEFA Champions League is a testament to his exceptional talent and the opportunities provided by his club, FC Barcelona.

However, as the current season unfolds, there is a credible threat to his record.

The emergence of talented young players across Europe has created an exciting atmosphere, with the possibility of witnessing a new record being set.

Whether it is Camavinga, Bellingham, Moukoko, or another prodigious talent, the race to become the youngest goalscorer in the Champions League is on.

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