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Premier League’s Hopes for More Champions League Spot in Jeopardy

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The Premier League has suffered a significant setback in the UEFA coefficient rankings following the Europa League defeats of West Ham and Liverpool. With hopes of securing an extra Champions League spot all but over, the league faces an uphill battle to earn one of the additional spots in next season’s competition.

This season, Europe’s top leagues have been competing to earn an extra spot in the Champions League, ahead of the introduction of a new format. The competition will expand from 32 to 36 clubs, with teams playing eight matches in the qualification stage. The top eight teams will progress to the last 16, while the ninth to 24th-placed teams will face off in two-legged play-offs.

Currently, Italy and Germany lead the coefficient table, with England closely following behind. Germany has two teams in the Champions League semi-finals and one in the Europa League, giving them a strong position in the rankings. Italy also has four teams remaining in the Europa League, further solidifying their position.

England’s hopes now rest with Aston Villa in the Conference League. However, their chances of gaining enough points and Germany gaining few enough are slim. England can still achieve a maximum possible score higher than Germany’s current score, but it would depend on a series of unfavorable results for Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and Bayer Leverkusen in their respective semi-finals.

While England’s performance in Europe could benefit teams chasing a Champions League spot, it would also make qualification for the Europa League and Conference League easier. The spots for qualification would move down, potentially allowing sixth and seventh-placed teams to qualify for the Europa League, assuming a Champions League side wins the FA Cup.

Italy and Germany may even have six teams in the Champions League if certain scenarios play out.

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