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List of Real Madrid Presidents Till Date

What are the names on the list of Real Madrid presidents? Who is the owner of Real Madrid? Who was Real Madrid’s first president? When did Perez become president of Madrid? Who is the best president in football history?

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol has so far had 18 different presidents, who are elected by a ballot since it was founded.

Santiago Bernabéu is Real Madrid CF’s longest-serving president from 1943 to 1978, which comes down to 35 years. And it is under his presidency that the La Liga club has won the most trophies with 32 titles.

Ownership and running of Real Madrid can be attributed to the club members, who happen to be all Spanish and called socios.

Real Madrid President List

Julián Palacios (1900 – 6 March 1902)

Number one on the list of Real Madrid presidents is Julián Madrid Palacios who is regarded as the 1st President of Real Madrid. He served the club for a total of two years, 125 days from 1900 until 6 March 1902.

Juan Padrós (6 March 1902 – January 1904)

Real Madrid’s second president, Juan Padrós Rubió was succeeded by his brother, Carlos Padrós, having served the club for one year, 301 days from 6 March 1902 to January 1904.

Carlos Padrós (January 1904 – 1908)

Carlos Padrós Rubió, also known as Carles Padrós Rubió, was a founding member of Real Madrid before succeeding his brother Juan as the 3rd President of the club for four years.

Adolfo Meléndez (1908 – July 1916)

Another founding member of the club is Adolfo Meléndez who later became Real Madrid’s president and the first to serve two terms as President of Real Madrid: first between 1908 and July 1916 and his second time was from 4 August 1936 to 27 November 1940.

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Pedro Parages (July 1916 – 16 May 1926)

As the 5th President of Real Madrid, the Spanish footballer and football manager presided over the club for nine years, 349 days.

Luis de Urquijo (16 May 1926 – 1930)

Luis de Urquijo y Landecho, 2nd Marquess of Bolarque, who served as Spain Ambassador to West Germany between 1959 and 1964, was the 6th President of Real Madrid. The Spanish diplomat, banker, and businessman served the club’s president for three years, 230 days.

Luis Usera Bugallal (1930 – 31 May 1935)

The Spanish lawyer and businessman was Real Madrid’s 7th President for five years, 150 days from 1930 until 31 May 1935.

Rafael Sánchez Guerra (31 May 1935 – 4 August 1936)

Guerra was president of Real Madrid football club when the Spanish Civil War was on and so wasn’t really involved in the daily management of the club. Two non-official, unelected presidents Juan José Vallejo and Antonio Ortega ran the affairs of the club on his behalf.

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Adolfo Meléndez (4 August 1936 – 27 November 1940)

This was Adolfo Meléndez’s second spell as President of Real Madrid which he did this time for four years, 115 days after spending eight years, 152 days in his first spell.

Antonio Santos Peralba (27 November 1940 – 11 September 1943)

The Spanish football administrator was the 10th President of Real Madrid, serving for two years, 288 days from 27 November 1940 until 11 September 1943.

Santiago Bernabéu (11 September 1943 – 2 June 1978)

In the history of Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabéu de Yeste is so far the only one who served as president of the club till his death, serving for 34 years, 264 days. FC Real Madrid’s current stadium is named after him in his honour.

Luis de Carlos (September 1978 – 24 May 1985)

After the death of Santiago Bernabéu, Luis de Carlos Ortiz was brought on board as the 12th President of Real Madrid – of course through election – and served for six years, 265 days.

Ramón Mendoza (24 May 1985 – 26 November 1995)

Ramón Mendoza Fontela was the 13th President of Real Madrid for four terms, beating Florentino Pérez by 700 votes in the fourth election in 1994. By the following year, he was forced to give up the presidency due to the economic, social, and sporting problems of the club and was succeeded by his vice-president, Lorenzo Sanz.

Lorenzo Sanz (26 November 1995 – 16 July 2000)

After Ramón Mendoza was forced out, Sanz came in and tried to turn the club around thereby winning a long-awaited UEFA Champions League in 1998 and 2000, a trophy that had eluded Real Madrid since 1966. Sanz held an early election in 2000 but eventually lost the club presidency to Florentino Pérez.

Florentino Pérez (16 July 2000 – 27 February 2006)

Sanz had believed that the two UEFA Champions Leagues he won in 1998 and 2000 would give him an edge to win the elections, but Pérez won with 94.2% of the total votes and took over as President of Real Madrid in 2000 for five years, 226 days.

Ramón Calderón (2 July 2006 – 16 January 2009)

As the 16th President of Real Madrid, Calderón was successful in signing Arjen Robben from Chelsea and Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United, amongst others. Following unfair allegations of vote-rigging for the confirmation of the financial budget, Calderón resigned as Real Madrid president.

Vicente Boluda (16 January 2009 – 31 May 2009)

The presidency of Real Madrid was taken over by Calderón’s Vice-president, Vicente Boluda, who stayed at the helm of affairs for a short stint of 125 days before Pérez took charge for a second time.

Florentino Pérez (1 June 2009 – Present)

Last on the list of Real Madrid presidents is Florentino Pérez, who is having a second term in office as the current president of Real Madrid football club. It was during his second tenure he brought in José Mourinho as Real Madrid CF new manager. He equalled the record of Santiago Bernabéu when the club won its sixth Champions League title in the 2021–22 season.

Wrap Up

Those are all the names on the list of Real Madrid presidents from inception. However, the club has six people they have given honorary presidents namely: Carlos Padrós in 1908; Adolfo Meléndez in 1913; Alfonso XIII de Borbón on 29 June 1920; Santiago Bernabéu on 27 May 1948; Alfredo Di Stéfano on 5 November 2000; and Francisco “Paco” Gento in 2016.

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