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Juventus Top Scorers: Alessandro Del Piero and the All-Time Greats

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When it comes to Juventus, one name stands out among the rest as the top scorer in the club’s history – Alessandro Del Piero.

Del Piero, an Italian football legend, played for Juventus from 1993 to 2012 and scored a remarkable total of 290 goals during his time with the club.

Del Piero’s goal-scoring prowess was not limited to the Italian championship alone.

He also found the back of the net 25 times in the Coppa Italia, 50 times in European competitions, and 7 times in other competitions, making him a truly versatile and prolific striker.

Who is Juventus top scorer?

While Del Piero holds the top spot, there are several other Juventus players who have left their mark as all-time top goalscorers for the club.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 goalscorers in Juventus history:

  1. Alessandro Del Piero – 290 goals
  2. Giampiero Boniperti – 179 goals
  3. Roberto Bettega – 178 goals
  4. David Trezeguet – 171 goals
  5. Omar Sívori – 167 goals
  6. Felice Placido Borel II – 158 goals
  7. Pietro Anastasi – 130 goals
  8. John Hansen – 124 goals
  9. Roberto Baggio – 115 goals
  10. Paulo Dybala – 115 goals

Giampiero Boniperti, who played for Juventus from 1946 to 1961, is the second-highest goalscorer in the club’s history with 179 goals. He was a true Juventus icon and his goals played a crucial role in the success of the team during his time.

Roberto Bettega, a Juventus player from 1970 to 1983, is the third-highest goalscorer with 178 goals. Bettega’s goals helped Juventus win numerous trophies during the 1970s and 1980s.

Other notable names on the list include David Trezeguet, the French striker who scored 171 goals for Juventus, and Omar Sívori, the Argentine forward who netted 167 goals. Both players made significant contributions to Juventus’ success during their respective spells at the club.

It’s worth mentioning that the list includes players from different eras, showcasing the rich history and tradition of Juventus as one of the most successful clubs in Italian football.

As for the current squad, two players share the ninth spot on the list – Roberto Baggio and Paulo Dybala, both with 115 goals. Baggio played for Juventus from 1990 to 1995, while Dybala has been with the club since 2015.

With his impressive goal-scoring record, Alessandro Del Piero will always be remembered as one of the greatest players to have ever worn the black and white jersey of Juventus. His legacy, along with the other top scorers in the club’s history, will continue to inspire future generations of Juventus players.

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