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How to Join the Juventus Fan Club?

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If you are a die-hard Juventus fan and want to be a part of the official Juventus Fan Club (JOFC), you’re in the right place!

Joining the JOFC allows you to connect with fellow fans, access exclusive benefits, and show your support for the club.

Here’s how you can become a JOFC member:

Contact an Official Fan Club

The first step to joining the JOFC is to find and contact one of the Official Fan Clubs. These clubs are spread across different regions and countries, so there’s likely one near you.

You can find the list of Official Fan Clubs on the Juventus website or by reaching out to the club’s official social media channels.

Register with the Fan Club

Once you’ve identified the Official Fan Club you want to join, get in touch with them and inquire about the registration process. They will provide you with all the necessary information and forms to become a member.

Fill out the registration form accurately and submit it along with the required registration fee.

Membership Validity

Upon successful registration and payment of the membership fee, you will become an official member of the JOFC.

Your membership will be valid for the entire sports season, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits and privileges associated with being a JOFC member.

Reserved Services

As a JOFC member, you will have access to various reserved services throughout the year. These services may include priority ticket booking, exclusive merchandise, meet and greet events with players, and much more.

You can contact your Official Fan Club to inquire about the specific services they offer and how you can avail them.

Club Switching

It’s important to note that once you become a member of an Official Fan Club, you are not allowed to switch to another club during the same season.

This ensures that the club and its resources are distributed fairly among the members.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Juventus Fan Club today and connect with thousands of passionate fans around the world. Show your love for the club and enjoy the exclusive benefits that come with being a JOFC member!

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