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Son Heung-min Issues Apology for Altercation with Teammate Lee Kang-in

Tottenham's Son Heung-min offers an apology for the altercation with South Korean teammate Lee Kang-in during the Asia Cup in February

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Tottenham star Son Heung-min has issued an apology following a fight with his South Korean team-mate Lee Kang-in during the Asia Cup in February.

The disagreement arose after South Korea’s loss to Jordan, which resulted in their elimination from the tournament.

Son, who is the captain of the South Korean national team, expressed his frustration with some of the younger players, including Lee, who had left a team meal early to play table tennis.

The altercation between Son and Lee escalated, resulting in Son suffering a dislocated finger.

This incident caused a significant uproar in South Korea.

However, Son has now taken to Instagram to address the issue and offer his apologies.

He acknowledged that he made mistakes when he was younger and credited the guidance and advice of his senior teammates for his growth as a player.

Son emphasized the importance of unity within the team and stated that they would provide support to Lee to ensure that such incidents do not occur again.

He expressed his commitment to acting in the best interest of the team, even in challenging situations.

Son also expressed his intention to better understand his teammates and to act with wisdom and maturity.

In his apology, Son acknowledged that Lee has been facing difficulties following the incident and asked for forgiveness.

He assured fans that the team remains focused on their goals and apologized for the controversy caused.

Son’s apology follows a statement from Lee Kang-in himself, who also expressed remorse and pledged to support his senior teammates and improve as a player and person.

Both players have taken responsibility for their actions and expressed their commitment to the growth and success of the South Korean national team.

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