Thursday, September 28, 2023

Napoli Fans Threaten Osimhen with Arrest if He Leaves Club

Napoli fans are expressing their strong desire for Victor Osimhen to stay at the club, to the point where Italian police commissioner Maurizo Improta jokingly stated that he would handcuff the player to ensure his continued presence.

Osimhen’s contract with Napoli has two years remaining, but there are rumors of him potentially leaving the club during the current transfer window.

Last season, Osimhen’s goals played a crucial role in Napoli winning their first league title in 33 years, earning him hero status among the fans and teammates.

Talks about extending his contract will resume when he returns for preseason, but it seems that the fans and police commissioner are determined to keep him at the club.

“Would I arrest Osimhen?No, for heaven’s sake. But I would put him in handcuffs to keep him at Napoli for life. I would tie him to the opponents goal, so as to always find him in position close to goal,” the Trento police commissioner jokingly said to Courier dello Sport.

This article was updated 2 months ago


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