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My Heart Belongs To AC Milan – Kjaer


Simon Kjaer says AC Milan are seeing the best form of his career.

The Dane is currently recovering from knee surgery.

The defender told TV2: “AC Milan is the club where I have felt most comfortable. The place where my role on and off the pitch suits me best. We are doing well and I get a lot of confidence from the coach, a lot of support from fans. Everything goes up into a higher entity.

“The family thrives, Milan is a fantastic city, and since the early years of my career, I have dreamed of playing for this club. Already in Palermo, I told my agent that one day I will play for AC Milan.”

He added, “The pieces fell into place for me with the move to Milan two years ago. They picked me up for a leadership role in a young team. We have got the club back to the top and also back into the Champions League. And personally, I have probably from day one played my best football in my career.”

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