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FC Barcelona List Of Presidents Till Date

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Who are the people on the FC Barcelona list of presidents? How many presidents have Barca had? Who was the first president of FC Barcelona? Let’s start with the history of all the presidents that have been in charge of the Barcelona Football Club.

FC Barcelona President History

Walter Wild is the first president of FC Barcelona, while Bartomeu Terradas became the second president after the club was formed.

However, Josep Lluís Núñez was the first elected president of FC Barcelona in 1978, and ever since then, members of the club have elected the club’s president. He remained president for 22 years and became the longest-serving Barcelona president.

Joan Laporta, who is the current president of FC Barcelona, was the most successful in terms of Champions League trophies.

The club, during Laporta’s first tenure between 2003 and 2010, won the Champions League twice within three years and completed an “unprecedented sextuple” by winning the 2008–09 La Liga, 2008–09 Copa del Rey, 2009 Supercopa de España, 2008–09 UEFA Champions League, 2009 UEFA Super Cup and 2009 FIFA Club World Cup. See the full list of trophies won by Barcelona from 1910.

To know the coaches who led the team to those honours and titles, see a complete list of all Barcelona managers since the club was formed.

Let’s now see the official presidential history of the Barcelona Football Club from 1899 to the present day.

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List of FC Barcelona Presidents

Walter Wild: 29 November 1899 – 25 April 1901

The Swiss engineer, tradesman and footballer was one of the twelve founders of FC Barcelona. Wild was the club’s first president. He was re-elected three times but eventually resigned due to work.

Bartomeu Terradas: 25 April 1901 – 5 September 1902

After Wild’s resignation, Terradas became the president of Barcelona. He contributed to the creation of the Catalan Football Federation, which brought together all the Catalan clubs.

Paul Haas: 5 September 1902 – 17 September 1903

Haas was the third FC Barcelona president and the first who had not participated in the founding of the club or been a Barça player.

Arthur Witty: 17 September 1903 – 6 October 1905

Witty previously served on Barcelona’s board of directors before becoming president of the club.

Josep Soler: 6 October 1905 – 16 October 1906

Soler was the president and player of FC Barcelona. His presidency lasted from 1905 to 1906.

Juli Marial: 16 October 1906 – 11 November 1908

Marial was the president and an ex-FC Barcelona player. His presidency lasted from 1906 to 1908.

Vicenç Reig: 11 November 1908 – 2 December 1908

Reig held the shortest presidency in the history of Futbol Club Barcelona.

Joan Gamper: 2 December 1908 – 14 October 1909

This was when Gamper became president of Barcelona for the first time. He was subsequently club president on five separate occasions.

Otto Gmeling: 14 October 1909 – 17 November 1910

The German was president of the club when they won their first domestic title, the Copa del Rey in 1910.

Joan Gamper: 17 November 1910 – 30 June 1913

This was when Gamper became president of Barcelona for the second time and won 2 Copa del Rey.

Francesc de Moxó: 30 June 1913 – 30 July 1914

When Gamper left the Club to attend to personal matters, De Moxó became Barcelona’s tenth President.

Àlvar Presta: 30 July 1914 – 29 September 1914

Following the resignation of Francesc de Moxó, vice president Joaquim Peris de Vargas was expected to take over the club, but many others were fiercely opposed to the idea and voted in favour of Àlvar Presta.

Joaquim Peris de Vargas: 29 September 1914 – 29 June 1915

Taking advantage of Pay Àlvar’s resignation, Vargas Peris was finally able to assume leadership of FC Barcelona, becoming one of the most controversial Presidents in the history of the Spanish Club.

Rafael Llopart: 29 June 1915 – 25 June 1916

Rafael Llopart was elected to mark the beginning of a period of peace and consensus at the heart of the Barcelona Football Club and the new Board saw that it was necessary to renovate everything.

Gaspar Rosés: 25 June 1916 – 17 June 1917

Rosés presided over FC Barcelona on three separate occasions. This was the first time he took up the presidency when he replaced Rafael Llopart upon his resignation.

Joan Gamper: 17 June 1917 – 10 June 1919

This was when Gamper again took over as president of Barcelona for the third time.

Ricard Graells: 10 June 1919 – 27 June 1920

His time as President was a complete success having taken over from Gamper when the founder of FC Barcelona stood down for the third time. Graells won 1 Copa del Rey in his time.

Gaspar Rosés: 27 June 1920 – 17 July 1921

Rosés’s second period in office at Barça was happier because the team won the Campeonat de Catalunya

Joan Gamper: 17 July 1921 – 29 July 1923

Gamper again took over as president of Barcelona for the fourth time, winning 1 Copa del Rey.

Eric Cardona: 29 July 1923 – 1 June 1924

After Gamper stepped down after his fourth period running the Club, Cardona took over as the fifteenth president in the history of FC Barcelona.

Joan Gamper: 1 June 1924 – 17 December 1925

Even though he won 1 Copa del Rey, Gamper’s final presidency ended in controversial circumstances and personal tragedy when he committed suicide after a period of depression.

Arcadi Balaguer: 17 December 1925 – 23 March 1929

After the forced resignation of founder Gamper, Balaguer was president of FC Barcelona and won 2 Copa del Rey with the club.

Tomàs Rosés: 23 March 1929 – 30 June 1930

Rosés presided over the club as the 17th president of FC Barcelona as the team won the 1929 La Liga being the inaugural edition.

Gaspar Rosés: 30 June 1930 – 22 October 1931

Gaspar Rosés became president for the third time, and it was during this time the founder of Barcelona, Joan Gamper, took his own life.

Antonio Oliver: 22 October 1931 – 20 December 1931

Having had a short-lived term due to the fact that the club was going through difficult times, and following a number of controversial meetings, Oliver tendered his resignation to club members, less than two months after his taking over the presidency.

Joan Coma: 20 December 1931 – 16 July 1934

Coma took over the presidency during the formation of the Republic of Spain which made it hard to attract the public to football matches, resulting in a loss in income. The financial pressure led Coma to resign after three trophyless years in charge.

Esteve Sala: 16 July 1934 – 27 July 1935 

Sala became the president of FC Barcelona with the principal aim of sorting out the critical situation that the Club was going through.

Josep Sunyol: 27 July 1935 – 6 August 1936

He was elected president of Fútbol Club Barcelona as members saw Sunyol as the man that could sort out the club’s financial problems, a task that had already been started by his predecessor, Sala.

Managing Commission: 6 August 1936 – 6 May 1939

Following the resignation of the entire Josep Sunyol board, the baton was passed on to a Managing Commission until elections were held on May 6.

Joan Soler: 6 May 1939 – 13 March 1940

Soler was elected president and served as FC Barcelona’s president from 6 May 1939 to 13 March 1940.

Enrique Piñeyro: 13 March 1940 – 10 July 1942

Under his presidency, Barcelona began to get over the trauma of the Civil War and finally, after a long period without seeing any silverware, Barça again won one Copa del Rey trophy.

Josep Vidal-Ribas: 10 July 1942 – 13 August 1942

Vidal Ribas was the President of FC Barcelona during the very brief gap that existed between Piñeyro’s two terms in office.

Enrique Piñeyro: 13 August 1942 – 20 August 1943

During the Piñeyro presidency, Barcelona had to change its name and shield. Piñeyro resigned as club president permanently on 20 August 1943.

Josep Antoni de Albert: 20 August 1943 – 20 September 1943

Antoni de Albert took over from the Marqués de la Mesa de Asta after his definitive resignation on 20 August 1943.

Josep Vendrell: 20 September 1943 – 20 September 1946

Under Vendrell’s presidency, Barcelona FC won the La Liga in the 1944-45 season and the Copa Eva Duarte in 1945.

Agustí Montal Galobart: 20 September 1946 – 16 July 1952

When Vendrell and his board presented their resignations, Barca directors themselves named Montal as the ideal candidate to replace them. The team under his command won 3 La Liga, 2 Copa del Rey, and 2 Copa Eva Duarte.

Enric Martí Carreto: 16 July 1952 – 22 September 1953

Martí was in command when the team won 1 La Liga, 1 Copa del Rey, and 1 Copa Eva Duarte, but that positive dynamic was broken he also had to preside over Barcelona during the controversial ‘Di Stefano case’, which led him to resign from the position.

Francesc Miró-Sans: 22 September 1953 – 28 February 1961

Miró-Sans won the elections to become president of FC Barcelona. He was the first club president in history who was re-elected. In his time, the team won 2 La Liga, 2 Copa del Rey, and 2 Fairs Cup.

Enric Llaudet: 28 February 1961 – 17 January 1968

After Miró-Sans’s resignation, new elections for the presidency of FC Barcelona were called, Llaudet defeated his opponent, Jaume Fuset to become the club’s new president. The Barca team under him won 1 Copa del Rey and 1 Fairs Cup.

Narcís de Carreras: 17 January 1968 – 18 December 1969

The Spanish lawyer, who chaired FC Barcelona between 1968 and 1969, was the one who coined the phrase the club later adopted as its motto: “Mes Que un club” meaning “Barça is more than a club”. The team under him won one Copa del Rey.

Agustí Montal Costa: 18 December 1969 – 18 December 1977

During his tenure, the Spanish economist and businessman promoted the slogan More than a club, introduced the Catalan club’s newsletter, their membership card, and the stadium’s public address system. The team under him were able to win 1 La Liga and 1 Copa del Rey.

Raimon Carrasco: 18 December 1977 – 1 July 1978

The Spanish businessman served as president of FC Barcelona from 18 December 1977 to 1 July 1978. The ex-FC Barcelona president was also the manager of the club from 1969 to 1977 under the presidency of Agustí Montal i Costa. During his presidency, the team won 1 Copa del Rey.

Josep Lluís Núñez: 1 July 1978 – 23 July 2000

Núñez’s time was one of the club’s most successful eras and he has been Barça’s most successful president in terms of winning trophies which include the following: 7 La Liga, 6 Copa del Rey, 2 Copa de la Liga, 5 Spanish Supercup, 1 European Cup, 4 Cup Winners’ Cup, 2 UEFA Super Cup. Núñez gave Barca a solid economical base and increased its wealth. FC Barcelona’s membership also increased, thus increasing the capacity of the Camp Nou stadium. The Mini Estadi was built during Núñez’s presidency, the FC Barcelona Museum was opened, and the Palau Blaugrana capacity was expanded.

Joan Gaspart: 23 July 2000 – 12 February 2003

He was Barcelona’s vice president when Josep Lluís Nuñez was president, before becoming president himself. He was heavily criticised for his presidency, and also labelled himself as a poor president of the club.

Enric Reyna: 12 February 2003 – 6 May 2003

Reyna became president of FC Barcelona after Joan Gaspart had publicly announced that he was resigning from the position.

Managing Commission: 6 May 2003 – 15 June 2003

Following the resignation of the entire Enric Reyna board, the baton was passed on to a Managing Commission, presided by Joan Trayter, who took control over the club until elections were held on June 15. 

Joan Laporta: 15 June 2003 – 1 July 2010

Laporta resumed office and was the most successful Barca president in terms of Champions League trophies. The club won the Champions League twice within three years and completed an “unprecedented sextuple” by winning 4 La Liga, 1 Copa del Rey, 3 Spanish Supercup, 1 UEFA Super Cup, and 1 FIFA Club World Cup.

Sandro Rosell: 1 July 2010 – 23 January 2014

Rosell was elected president of FC Barcelona with more than 60% of the vote of club members, replacing outgoing President Joan Laporta. The Barca squad under him won 2 La Liga, 1 Copa del Rey, 3 Spanish Supercup, 1 UEFA Champions League, 1 UEFA Super Cup, and 1 FIFA Club World Cup.

Josep Maria Bartomeu: 23 January 2014 – 27 October 2020

Following Sandro Rosell’s resignation on 23 January 2014, due to the so-called “Neymar case”, Bartomeu, following the club’s constitution, was elected as the 40th President of Barcelona. He was able to get the club’s football team to win 4 La Liga, 4 Copa del Rey, 2 Spanish Supercup, 1 UEFA Champions League, 1 UEFA Super Cup, and 1 FIFA Club World Cup.

Carles Tusquets (interim): 29 October 2020 – 7 March 2021

Josep Maria Bartomeu Floreta was replaced by interim FC Barcelona president Carlos Tusquets to set an election date.

Joan Laporta: 7 March 2021 – Incumbent

Laporta’s 9,625 validated signatures made him the favorite to win the 2021 FC Barcelona presidential elections, which he did win when he received 54.28% of the vote ahead of Víctor Font and Toni Freixa who received 29.99% and 8.58% of the vote respectively. The team under him has so far won one Copa del Rey.

Wrap Up

In rounding up this FC Barcelona list of Presidents, I think I should mention that since the club was founded in 1899, a total of 41 different presidents have been at the helm of affairs at the Spanish club. Whether or not Swiss sportsman Joan Gamper can be credited as the owner of FC Barcelona is up for debate. As of today, Barcelona is organised as a registered association with no possibility to purchase shares, but only membership called socis, who form an assembly of delegates.

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