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I’ve No Regret Joining AC Milan – Giroud

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AC Milan striker Olivier Giroud has no doubts he made the right choice moving to Italy.

Giroud left Chelsea last summer.

He said, “Coming into contact with the others was easy for me as I knew a bit of Italian thanks to my grandmother’s origins. I knew a few words and this is important.

“My integration was also helped by the fact that there are several players who speak French, I found guys I knew and in the end what the coach asks of me on the pitch is not too complicated for me, because I know what he expects from me and what I have to do.

“It’s more about adapting to the referees who have a tendency to whistle for lighter contacts than they do in the Premier League.”

Giroud also told Colinterview about joining Milan.

“I clearly accepted immediately, for me it was a test. I spoke with the manager Massara and Maldini and I immediately realised that they were looking for me and with the speech they gave me I was immediately convinced. I want to win and return to the top in Italy.”

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