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Does GOtv have SuperSport channels?

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SuperSport is a well-known South African-based group of television channels that offers a wide range of sports content. It is primarily carried on the DStv platform, which is owned by MultiChoice. However, many people wonder if SuperSport is also available on GOtv, another popular digital satellite television service in Africa.

GOtv is a digital terrestrial television platform that operates in several African countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, and Ghana.

It offers a variety of local and international channels, including sports channels.

However, SuperSport is not directly available on the GOtv platform.

Is SuperSport available on GOtv?

While SuperSport is not available as a standalone channel on GOtv, subscribers can still enjoy some sports content through the SuperSport Select channels.

These channels, namely SuperSport Select 1 and SuperSport Select 2, are exclusive to GOtv and offer a selection of live sports events, highlights, and analysis.

SuperSport Select 1 on GOtv broadcasts a range of sporting events, including football matches from top leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and the UEFA Champions League.

It also covers other sports like rugby, athletics, boxing, and more.

SuperSport Select 2 on GOtv focuses on African sports, showcasing events such as the CAF Champions League, CAF Confederation Cup, and African Athletics Championships.

It also covers local leagues and tournaments from various African countries.

While SuperSport Select channels provide a good amount of sports content, it’s important to note that they do not offer the same extensive coverage as the full SuperSport channels available on DStv.

The SuperSport channels on DStv provide a wider range of sports content, including additional football leagues, cricket, golf, tennis, motorsport, and more.

For those who are passionate about sports and want access to the full range of SuperSport channels, a subscription to DStv is necessary.

DStv offers various packages that include different SuperSport channels, allowing subscribers to choose the package that best suits their sports viewing preferences.

It’s worth mentioning that both DStv and GOtv are owned by MultiChoice, which means that they share some similarities in terms of content and technology.

However, the channel lineup and offerings differ between the two platforms.

In conclusion, while SuperSport is not directly available on GOtv, subscribers can still enjoy some sports content through the SuperSport Select channels exclusive to GOtv.

For a more comprehensive sports viewing experience with a wider range of sports content, including additional leagues and sports, a subscription to DStv is recommended.

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