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Which DStv Package Shows Premier League and Champions League?

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If you’re a football fan in Nigeria, you’re probably wondering which DStv package you need to subscribe to in order to catch all the Premier League and Champions League action.

In this article, we’ll break down the different DStv packages and the channels that broadcast these exciting tournaments.

For Champions League matches, you can tune in to SuperSport Grandstand Nigeria on Channel 201, SuperSport Football Plus Nigeria on Channel 202, SuperSport Variety 1 Nigeria on Channel 206, and SuperSport Variety 2 Nigeria on Channel 207.

These channels bring you live coverage of the most thrilling football moments from the Champions League.

When it comes to the Premier League, you can watch all the matches on SuperSport Premier League Nigeria, which can be found on Channel 203.

This channel is dedicated to bringing you all the drama and excitement from the English top-flight league.

In addition to these specific channels, there are other options available for watching the Champions League on DStv.

You can also check out SS Football, SS La Liga, and SS Variety 3 and 4.

These channels come into play when there are multiple matches happening simultaneously.

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