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Capello: Juventus Has No Quality Players Any Longer

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Former Juventus coach Fabio Capello believes the squad has lost quality this season.

Capello has also questioned the tactics of coach Max Allegri since his return.

He said, “The team have decent values, certainly not the ones Juve are used to. Take Cuadrado and Alex Sandro. They used to give me the impression they push hard, now they don’t change their pace anymore. Of course, Cuadrado always has quality.

“Tthey don’t play badly, they create little, which is different. Morata has always been too isolated, instead he does better when he plays with a forward like Kean.

“Now we have to see if, when Dybala returns, Allegri will let them all play together. It’s difficult, but it might be possible.”

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