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What Are Betting Trends, and How to Make Money on Them?

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Analysis, observation and attention to statistics are key factors on the way to profit. There are many sports betting strategies, but none guarantees profit. It is essential to notice details and find outcomes that the bookmakers have incorrectly assessed the probability of. One way to find such bets is to track trends. Today, we will talk in detail about the benefits and dangers of trends.

In the dynamic world of sports betting, where strategies and insights can significantly impact profitability, understanding where and how to place bets becomes paramount. For those looking to navigate the complexities of sports betting with a reliable partner, breaking down the Bet9ja sportsbook offers an insightful starting point. This guide not only equips bettors with a thorough understanding of one of Nigeria’s premier betting platforms but also sets the stage for a deeper exploration into the effective use of betting trends. By their nature, betting trends require a keen eye for detail, statistical analysis, and the patience to track recurring patterns over time. In this article, we delve into what constitutes a trend in sports betting, how to identify them, and the strategic application of this knowledge to enhance betting success.

What are the Trends in Sports Betting

In sports, teams or individual athletes regularly produce certain streaks. Someone wins or loses all the time. Someone scores for several games in a row. Or someone doesn’t leave the court for weeks without a certain number of points.

Sometimes, the series can be very long. That means there’s money to be made. Such series are called a trend. A synonym for the word “trend” is a tendency. Simply put, it is a periodically recurring phenomenon. Which can be expressed in some figures or components.

Searching for and detecting trends is extensive, and their viability varies from a couple of days to several years. Depending on the sport and the particular team. For example, the famous basketball player LeBron James back, on 31 December 2020 became the first player in history to score at least 10 points in 1,000 consecutive NBA games. That’s a trend, too. Just like, for example, the winning streak of a football club or national team.

How to Use Trends in Sports Betting

The first step is to track down a trend. The sooner you identify and formulate a trend, the better. After all, if the same bet is placed several times in a row, the odds will gradually start to fall, decreasing the potential profit. Speed and reaction in betting are crucial.

Of course, you will have to work with an impressive layer of information. Without it, only the simplest trends can be identified. The favourite’s winning streak will quickly hit the news feed, and even beginners will pay attention to it, especially if it is a top club.

After finding the trend, you must determine how likely the series will continue. That is, a detailed analysis of what happened is necessary. If a mid-tier club has won several wins in a row and moved into the lead, it is worth answering at least a few questions.

Did the team make progress and play great football, or was it just lucky? Are the successes related to the calendar? It could have gotten a few outsiders in a row, and the results would have slipped again. Or maybe the opponents just had serious personnel problems? And so on.

We need to know about the locker room atmosphere, possible injuries and disqualifications, the history of personal meetings, and other components. If the coaching staff puts the optimal lineup back together, continued success is likely. If a critical performer is injured or serving a suspension, the series will surely be interrupted.

In an individual sport, you need to consider recent results, the physical condition of the athlete, and face-to-face meetings. For example, in tennis, a lot depends on the surface. An impressive number of athletes have specialisations. Some are much more successful on the ground, others like fast surfaces. The results of a ground specialist will surely decline after switching to grass, so don’t overestimate his winning streak.

Trends can be found in almost every discipline and tournament. Of course, they are noticed not only by players, but also by bookmakers. This forces some bettors to look for trends where bookmakers’ analysts will not go. That is, to pay attention to minor leagues and exotic championships.


Trending is an effective way to improve the quality of betting in sports betting. It involves finding a trend for a team or an individual athlete. Trends are not limited to disciplines or betting types. They are found in all sports. They can relate to wins, performances, cards, three-point shots, eights, etc.

Proper use of trends increases the probability of profit on the distance because it reduces the number of hasty and rash bets. At the same time, success is not guaranteed because any series will sooner or later be interrupted.

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