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Antonio Rudiger Warns Erling Haaland Ahead of Real Madrid Clash

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Manchester City is set to meet Real Madrid once again in the Champions League knockout stages, marking the third consecutive season of this rivalry. As the anticipation builds, Antonio Rudiger, the Real Madrid defender, has issued a warning to Erling Haaland, expressing that their battle on the pitch is personal and eagerly looking forward to their rematch.

Rudiger, who successfully neutralized Haaland’s threat in last season’s 1-1 draw at the Bernabeu, aims to replicate his performance in the upcoming quarter-final showdown. Despite being left out of the return leg, where City triumphed with a 4-0 victory, Rudiger’s tactics and physicality ensured Haaland had limited opportunities, with only 21 touches and no clear chances.

A picture from the game captured Rudiger’s determination, as he pushed, shoved, and grappled with Haaland, ultimately emerging victorious. The Germany international is confident in his ability to keep the prolific Norwegian striker quiet once again, stating, “I will take that duel as personal.”

Rudiger acknowledges the challenge that Haaland poses and emphasizes the importance of controlling him and his teammates’ passes to secure Real Madrid’s success. He is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep Haaland at bay and maintain Real’s pursuit of their 15th European cup triumph.

Reflecting on the previous encounter, Rudiger dismisses any premeditation behind his actions, describing it as a natural response to facing a formidable striker. He acknowledges Haaland’s strength and the difficulty in controlling him, highlighting the need to limit his influence on the game.

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