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Wolves Take Shot at Jurgen Klopp in Twitter Post After Liverpool’s Defeat

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Wolves recently took a cheeky dig at Jurgen Klopp following Liverpool’s 3-0 defeat at Molineux.

Wolves’ early own goal from Joel Matip and debutant’s Craig Dawson strike were quickly followed by Ruben Neves’ goal towards the end of the second half.

Klopp dismissed this third goal as his post-match press conference, stating that it was the first time Wolves had passed halfway in that half.

In response, Wolves’ social media team posted a re-jigged final score graphic in which Neves’ goal had been removed.

This sort of sh*thousery isn’t unusual for this club; prior to their meeting with Nottingham Forest earlier this season they posted a provocative picture of Emmanuel Dennis playing with some wolves alongside the caption “playtime.”

Neves scored the only goal of that game to hand Wolves a 1-0 win, with the response being an image of an axe chopping down a tree accompanied by the caption ‘playtime’s over’.

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