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Who is Patrick Osimhen? Get to Know the father of Nigerian Football Sensation

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Learn about Patrick Osimhen, the father of Victor Osimhen, the most valuable footballer of all time from Africa. Discover five facts about Patrick Osimhen’s life, including his role as a father and manager, his initial reservations about his son’s football career, and his strong Christian beliefs.

Find out how his passing in 2020 impacted Victor Osimhen’s journey to becoming a superstar.

When it comes to Nigerian football, one name that has been making waves recently is Victor Osimhen. The young striker has been impressing fans and critics alike with his incredible skills and goal-scoring ability.

But behind every successful athlete, there is often a supportive and influential figure who plays a crucial role in their journey.

In the case of Victor Osimhen, that person is his father, Patrick Osimhen.

Today, Victor Osimhen is considered one of the most promising young talents in world football, and much of his success can be attributed to the unwavering support and guidance of his father, Patrick Osimhen.

As Victor continues to make headlines and capture the hearts of football fans around the world, it is important to recognize the role that his father has played in his journey.

Meet Patrick Osimhen and His Six Children

Patrick Osimhen and his wife have a total of six children. Victor, the youngest, was born while they were living in Lagos State and trying to make ends meet.

It was through Victor’s football talent that the family found some relief from their financial struggles.

In 2015, there was a controversy involving Patrick Osimhen and his other children. It was rumored that he had reservations about Victor’s potential transfer to Wolfsburg and this led to a disagreement.

However, after intervention from Liameed Gafar, the CEO of a local grassroots football club, Patrick Osimhen went on air to dispel the allegations.

Eventually, Victor sealed the move to VfL Wolfsburg in 2017.

How Patrick Osimhen Managed His Son’s Career

Patrick Osimhen played multiple roles in supporting his family and helping his son, Victor, succeed in football.

When they moved to Lagos, Patrick took on various low-paying jobs to provide for his children and ensure they could attend school.

As Victor’s football career took off, Patrick became his son’s manager, handling negotiations with Nigerian clubs, national youth teams, and European clubs interested in signing Victor.

However, during this time, allegations arose that Patrick was being attacked by his children, led by his eldest son Andrew, and instigated by Liameed Gafar.

In 2015, Patrick retired from his role as manager and handed over Victor’s representation to Noga Sports Management.

Despite this, he still played a significant role in approving deals brought to Victor by the agency.

Patrick Osimhen’s Disapproval of His Son’s Football Aspirations

In the past, Victor Osimhen’s father had different aspirations for his son’s future. He had hoped that Victor would become a doctor.

However, Victor had a strong passion for football from a young age. He found joy and solace in playing the sport, even in difficult circumstances.

Despite his father’s initial reservations, Patrick Osimhen eventually accepted and supported his son’s dream of becoming a footballer.

He was even present at the airport to bid farewell to Victor when he signed with Wolfsburg at the age of 18.

 A Devout Christian in the World of Football

Patrick Osimhen, the father of Victor Osimhen, was a devout Christian who instilled his Christian beliefs in his family.

He emphasized the importance of attending church, praying together as a family, and teaching them about the value of charity.

These teachings have had a lasting impact on Victor Osimhen, who has made it a priority to give back to his community and contribute to community development efforts since achieving success in the world of football.

Patrick Osimhen died at 80

In 2020, Patrick Osimhen, the father of soccer player Victor Osimhen, passed away at the age of 80.

This was a difficult time for Victor, who was 21 years old at the time and playing for LOSC Lille in France.

The loss of his father motivated him to become a better player and provide for his family.

Victor Osimhen acknowledges that his late parents played a significant role in shaping him into the person he is today.

Unfortunately, they are no longer here to witness his achievements, including winning the Serie A and earning various individual accolades.

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