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Thiago Silva Set to End Chelsea Career

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Thiago Silva’s time at Chelsea appears to be coming to an end as the 39-year-old defender is set to leave the club. After Chelsea’s FA Cup semi-final loss to Manchester City on Saturday, Silva was seen breaking down in tears at Wembley.

Silva joined Chelsea in August 2020 under Frank Lampard and had a successful first season, winning the Champions League and the Club World Cup. However, his current contract is set to expire in June, and reports suggest that he will not be offered a new deal.

Emotional Post-Match Comments

After the defeat, Silva made emotional post-match comments, hinting at his departure.

He stated, “You are going to know in the coming days. I don’t want to say anything now after a defeat. I’m sad about the result, but sooner or later the news will come out. I do have a decision made in my mind, but it’s not the moment to share it.”

Silva also expressed gratitude for his time at Chelsea, saying, “My four years here were very good. Not that I didn’t believe in myself, but with my age and the intensity of this league, it’s rare to see players in a high level at 39.”

Uncertain Future

While Silva’s departure from Chelsea seems imminent, it remains to be seen where he will go next. The experienced center-back still believes he has a few more years left in his career and expressed his love for the game.

Chelsea fans will have mixed opinions on whether the club should offer Silva a new contract. Only time will tell what the future holds for Thiago Silva.

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