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Premier League To Televise All Games If Omicron Variant Leads To Fans Shut Out

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The Premier League has hinted that they would televise every match live if they are forced to play games behind closed doors in the new year.

According to the Premier League, contingency plans are already in place if fans are again shutout from the stadium, and staggered kick off times would also return with every game shown live on Sky Sports or BT Sport.

While the Premier League have no plans to put limits on capacities at the stadiums, they will have to rely on the Government’s directives who have made it clear that restrictions could be imposed after Christmas depending on the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, Chief medical officer Chris Witty on Thursday said any decision to impose further curbs would be based on the effectiveness of vaccines against the variant, while mass sporting events would be among the most vulnerable to any change.

The Television companies have already had to cope with significant disruption to their schedules as a result of the outbreaks which have led to nine Premier League games been called off this week.

BT Sport have been the biggest losers to date as they were due to show Brentford, Manchester United, Burnley, Watford and Leicester City, Tottenham this week but due to the outbreak all of the games were postponed including matches for this weekend.

The Premier League were forced to hand back £223million to Sky Sports and BT Sport as a result of postponements during the lockdown last year, but they’re now conscious of the need to minimize such this season.

While some matches has been postponed, Premier League Chief executive Richard Masters wrote to all 20 member clubs on Friday emphasizing on why it’s important for the season to continue, as well as urging them to encourage all players to be vaccinated.

On Monday an emergency meeting between the club executives, all 20 managers and club captains would be held to chat the way forward.

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