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Premier League announce new changes that’ll benefit fans


The Premier League are set to introduce new technology that will be made available to fans.

Fans could be set to get a much closer look at the performances of their stars.

As part of new changes, Premier League fans could be given the opportunity to see how players are performing down to the finest detail.

Clubs already monitor performance statistics with the help of skeletal tracking vests, which is a vest each player wears, containing a chip that measures all sorts of stats.

And as part of a partnership between the Premier League and Genius Sports, it looks as though such figures could be made available to supporters.

The move would see rights holders Sky Sports and BT Sport show the figures during games, with Sportsmail reporting statistics such as running speed, shot velocity, positioning and others could be made available to fans.

It’s hoped the move will give fans a more immersive experience, and while clubs already have similar statistics, any additional figures will also be given to clubs to aid their coaching.

The figures will be available almost instantly, and broadcasters will be able to show them swiftly, something NFL fans are used to seeing on broadcasts of American football.

Premier League fans can look forward to seeing the statistics within months, with the report claiming they could be available as soon as after the World Cup.

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