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Potential Candidates for Manchester United Captaincy After Harry Maguire’s Removal

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After the removal of Harry Maguire as captain, Manchester United is considering several potential candidates for the captaincy.

One option is Bruno Fernandes, who wore the armband for much of the previous season and showed a strong desire to win.

Another possibility is Raphael Varane, who brings vast experience from his time at Real Madrid and with the French national team.

Lisandro Martinez, who joined United under the influence of manager Erik ten Hag, is also a contender due to his leadership qualities and vocal presence on the pitch.

Luke Shaw, who has seen his standing at the club rise under Ten Hag, is another potential candidate.

Finally, Marcus Rashford, the hometown hero and star player, could be given a leadership role based on his impressive performances and newfound mentality.

The decision on the new captain will be an important one for Manchester United as they look to reshape their squad.

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