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Paul Pogba’s brother banned from contacting him after release from jail

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Mathias Pogba, the older brother of Juventus star Paul Pogba, has been released from prison but is banned from contacting his famous sibling.

He was arrested in September and charged with alleged extortion against his brother.

Now, as part of his freedom, he is forbidden to contact Paul, use social media or leave France.

Mathias insists he is innocent regarding the claims of blackmail, which has stemmed from a video released earlier this year with various accusations about Paul’s career and personal life.

However, until the trial takes place in France, Mathias must remain at a family property outside of Paris and abide by his terms and conditions.

Paul Pogba did not receive a call-up for the French World Cup team over the winter due to injury, so he was unable to defend their faith title as Argentina defeated Les Bleus on penalties after they reached the final.

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