Sunday, October 1, 2023

Midfielder Linked with Manchester United, But Prefers Move Elsewhere

Despite the ongoing rumours linking Sofyan Amrabat to Manchester United, it appears that the midfielder has a preference for a move elsewhere.

While Atlético Madrid is reportedly showing strong interest in the player, it is surprising that Manchester United is not even mentioned in the Spanish media reports.

Despite interest from other clubs such as Barcelona and Liverpool, Amrabat reportedly wants to work with Atlético Madrid’s manager, Diego Simeone.

The transfer fee for Amrabat has been reported differently, with Fiorentina setting a price of €40m, while the Italian media has been discussing a fee of €30m.

It seems that Amrabat has already given his approval to Atlético Madrid and has not been swayed by any other interested clubs.

It will be interesting to see which reports turn out to be accurate in this situation, as it is unusual for Manchester United not to be mentioned and for conflicting information about the transfer fee to be reported.

This article was updated 2 months ago


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