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Man United Midfielder Casemiro Opens Up About Team’s Poor Form

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Manchester United midfielder, Casemiro, has recently expressed his concerns about the team’s current performance, stating that it is causing him sleepless nights. The Brazilian player believes that the Red Devils need to adopt a “day to day” mentality and avoid getting distracted by the race for Champions League places.

Currently, Manchester United sits in sixth place on the table with 49 points, trailing 11 points behind fourth-placed Tottenham. Casemiro highlighted the frustration of being 20 points behind the top spot, stating that it often keeps him awake at night, contemplating what could be done differently.

However, the midfielder emphasized that it is crucial for the team to focus on the present and not dwell on their position in the title race or the race for Champions League qualification. Casemiro believes that the team needs to prioritize each game and approach them with a “day to day” mentality.

After Manchester United’s clash with Liverpool on Sunday, Casemiro spoke to ESPN Brazil, expressing his thoughts on the team’s situation. He acknowledged the difficulty of not being in contention for titles but stressed the importance of staying focused on the immediate challenges ahead.

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