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Man City Relying on Five Clubs to Overrule Possible Premier League Exclusion

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Manchester City may be relying on five other Premier League teams to save them from expulsion after alleged breaches of financial regulations.

The charges against the club have been brought forward by the Premier League following emails leaked in 2018 which sparked a four-year investigation.

Although City fought off the allegations back then with a two-year ban from playing in the Champions League overturned and a fine reduced to £9million, this time it’s different as there is no restriction on the length of time since an alleged offence.

If found guilty, City could face anything ranging from points deduction to complete expulsion from membership, something that has never happened before in English top-flight football history.

In order for it to happen, a special resolution needs to be passed by three-quarters of the members voting through their representatives or by proxy at a general meeting that has been notified with intentions to propose such a resolution.

If that were to take place, five clubs would need to cast their vote in favour of Manchester City in order for it to stay in England’s Premier League.

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