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How Arsenal’s £60m investment in Kai Havertz Has proven to be a wise decision

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Arsenal’s decision to pay £60m for Kai Havertz is proving to be a wise investment. Initially signed as a midfielder, Havertz has now become a nightmare for defenders as a centre forward. His recent performance against Brighton and Hove Albion showcased his ability to score goals with confidence.

When Arsenal scored their second goal in a 3-0 win at the Amex, the visiting supporters celebrated Havertz’s contribution with a joyous serenade. This was a stark contrast to the skepticism surrounding his signing from Chelsea. Many believed that he looked out of place playing on the left side of midfield.

However, Havertz has proven his critics wrong by delivering impressive performances as a centre forward. In the past seven games, he has been directly involved in eight goals, scoring five and providing three assists. His current form is coming at a crucial time for Arsenal, as they aim to challenge for the title.

Under the guidance of manager Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s team has become well-balanced and efficient. Havertz’s impact on the team has been significant, with his numbers consistently high. Arteta acknowledges the improvement in Havertz since his move further forward.

Havertz’s versatility initially worked against him, but Arteta’s decision to play him as a centre forward has unlocked his true potential. His ability to track back defensively and constantly move on the pitch has made him a difficult target for opposing defenders.

With nine Premier League goals already, Havertz has exceeded his goal tally from any season at Chelsea. He is relishing his role as the spearhead of Arsenal’s attack, benefiting from the team’s strong defensive foundation.

Arteta’s decision to trust Havertz in this new position may have even reduced the club’s urgency to sign additional attacking players in the upcoming summer transfer window. The manager acknowledges the importance of creating the right environment for Havertz to thrive.

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