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Haaland speaks out about Guardiola’s on-pitch shouting incident after prestigious award win

Erling Haaland, the striker for Manchester City, has expressed his thoughts on Pep Guardiola’s habit of shouting at him during matches.

Haaland, who was named UEFA Men’s Player of the Year, had a remarkable season with 52 goals and helped City achieve a historic treble.

Despite receiving numerous individual awards, Haaland has been subject to constant animated advice from Guardiola, who was named UEFA Men’s Coach of the Year.

When asked about who was scarier between Guardiola and his father, Haaland admitted that Pep can be a bit scary but also acknowledged that he appreciates it when Guardiola shouts at him as it helps him improve as a footballer.

Haaland’s positive attitude towards Guardiola’s coaching style reflects his desire to become better and shows his gratitude towards the manager’s efforts.

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