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Erik ten Hag on why he wants a “winner” for Manchester United captain

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Erik ten Hag has made a number of good decisions since taking over Manchester United, and the decision to replace Harry Maguire as captain was no different.

After the team’s defeat at Brentford, Ten Hag replaced Maguire with Bruno Fernandes as captain.

Fernandes has been a leader both on and off the pitch, and his ability to play with both precision and passion in midfield are partly what have led to United’s success this season.

Although not your typical Ten Hag player, Fernandes has embraced the position of captain wholeheartedly, sacrificially putting himself in roles he may rather not be to best help the team.

His impressive performances on Sunday against Leicester underscore how capable he is of leading by example and aiding his team during tough matches – like taking on Leicester after losing both Casemiro and Christian Eriksen from midfield!

Combined with Jadon Sancho’s introduction into the line up at half time, the duo set up an attack that capped off a stellar performance.

Clearly, it is only natural that Fernandes should be rewarded with official armbands next weekend when he takes home his long-deserved trophy!

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