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Barcelona 0-4 Real Madrid; statistics analysis as Real Madrid stuns rivals in El Classico

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La Liga leaders Barcelona welcomed the might of Real Madrid at home as hostility ensued at the Nou Camp.

Both sides endured frenetic anticipation ahead of this match as rivalry beckoned when both sides clashed on the pitch.

Clasico highlights: Barcelona 0-4 Real Madrid - Benzema scores 3 - Futbol  on FanNation

It’s Real Madrid’s fortune to note as they eliminated Barcelona from the Spanish Cup competition known as the Copa Del Rey Cup.

Following the 0-4 win for Real Madrid, evaluates the statistical analysis aftermath of this El Classico contest.

FC Barcelona 0-4 Real Madrid: Out of the cup

                                          Full Statistics

                                         Shots on Target

5 (Barcelona)                                                                                      (Real Madrid) 7

In a high-profile contest of this nature, plenty of attacking threat was expected at both ends of the pitch.

But it was Real that had the edge in transition here. That’s why they earned 7 shots on target as against Barcelona 4 shots on target.

Real Madrid star Karim Benzema is in fine form for his side in this contest.

Managing Madrid Podcast: 0-4. Real Madrid trounce Barcelona at Camp Nou -  Managing Madrid

                                           Shots off Target

3 (Barcelona)                                                                                      (Real Madrid) 0

Both sides had several attempts at goal as we witnessed intriguing moments in the match as the case may be.

Real Madrid had two shots off target as compared to the 3 shots off target Barcelona had in the contest.

That sums up that Barcelona misfired in front of the goal than the Real side that had four goals to their credit.

Barcelona 0-4 Real Madrid (Agg: 1-4): Karim Benzema hat-trick fires Real  into Copa del Rey final | Football News | Sky Sports

                                             Blocked Shots

3 (Barcelona)                                                                                      (Real Madrid) 0

Both Sides did a couple of defensive works as we witnessed from the statistics above.

And it was Real Madrid that recorded no blocked shots on goal.

While Barcelona had three blocked shots on goal.

Barcelona 0-4 Real Madrid (1-4 agg): Karim Benzema hat-trick sends visitors  to Copa del Rey final - BBC Sport


 53 (Barcelona)                                                                                               (Real Madrid) 47

Barcelona as expected was the dominant side for the entire 90 minutes duration.

With the Real Madrid side trying to have a fair share of the possession they managed 47% of the ball.

While Barcelona had 53% of the ball with Xavi Hernandez inspiring their dominant style of play.

Three talking points from Barcelona 0-4 Real Madrid | Copa del Rey - Madrid  Universal


3 (Barcelona)                                                                                      (Real Madrid) 1

Barcelona had three corner-kick to show for it as they tried to make the most out of the encounter.

But Despite their effort to get back into the game, it was Real Madrid that had the last laugh.

Real Madrid had 1 corner-kicks to their credit.

Immediate Reaction: Barcelona 0-4 Real Madrid (1-4 on aggregate) - Managing  Madrid



0 (Barcelona)                                                                          (Real Madrid) 1

The away side was desperate to effect revenge against Barcelona in this El Classico contest.

 And in the bid to achieve that they amassed 4 Offsides in the entire 90 minutes duration.

While Barcelona had no offside call to their credit.

Barcelona 0-4 Real Madrid (1-4): Los Blancos progress to Copa del Rey final


21 (Barcelona)                                                                                    (Real Madrid) 8         

The Barcelona versus Real Madrid game was expected to produce a high number of fouls.

And with such rivalry getting intense by the day physical challenges ensued on the pitch.

Barcelona had 21 fouls to their name while Real Madrid has 8 fouls to their names.

Player Ratings: Barcelona 0 - 4 Real Madrid; 2023 Copa del Rey 2nd Leg -  Managing Madrid


17 (Barcelona)                                                                                    (Real Madrid) 10

Barcelona had 17 throw-ins to show for it in the game as the match wore in the 90-minute contest.

Real Madrid had 10 throw-ins as well with expectations high relatively in the game at the moment.

That’s proof that both sides exuded pressure at both ends of the pitch.

Clasico highlights: Barcelona 0-4 Real Madrid - Benzema scores 3 - Futbol  on FanNation

                                              Yellow Card

7 (Barcelona)                                                                          (Real Madrid) 4

Barcelona and Real Madrid’s encounter resulted in a couple of yellow cards in the game as the physical challenge was evident for all to see.

Barcelona had 7 yellow cards probably due to their frustration of not getting a goal in the match.

While Real Madrid had 4 yellow cards as they scored four times in the epic match.


Other Valuable information

Referee: Juan Martinez (Spain)

Venue: Stotify Nou Camp

Spectators: 94,902

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