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Arteta Eyes Goal Difference as Arsenal’s Secret Weapon in Title Race

Arsenal's Mikel Arteta highlighted the significance of goal difference in the Premier League title race, emphasizing its importance as Arsenal competes with Liverpool and Manchester City for the top spot

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has emphasized the importance of goal difference in the Premier League title race, as his team aims to challenge Liverpool and Manchester City for the top spot.

Following Liverpool‘s 4-1 victory over Brentford, which temporarily extended their lead to five points, Arsenal responded with an impressive 5-0 win against Burnley.

With just 13 games remaining for both clubs, every goal and point will count towards determining the league champions.

Manchester City’s 1-1 draw against Chelsea has further complicated the race, leaving them four points behind Liverpool with a game in hand against Brentford.

Arteta acknowledged the significance of goal difference in the title race, stating, “We want more and we know how important it is to be up there in the goal difference.”

He expressed his satisfaction with Arsenal’s performance and the positive contributions from every player, regardless of the minutes they played.

Liverpool currently holds a goal difference of plus-35, while Arsenal’s dominant display against Burnley saw them overtake the Reds with a plus-36 goal difference.

Manchester City, on the other hand, trails behind both Liverpool and Arsenal in terms of points and goal difference, with a plus-31 goal difference after their draw with Chelsea.

As the season nears its climax, Arsenal’s focus on maintaining a strong goal difference could provide them with a crucial advantage in the title race.

Arteta and his team are determined to continue their attacking prowess and maximize their chances of securing the Premier League trophy.

In the coming weeks, Liverpool will face Luton Town, while Arsenal will take on Newcastle.

The outcome of these matches will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the title race, adding further excitement and anticipation to the league’s conclusion.

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