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African National Football Team Coaches: All 54 Countries Listed

Who are the African national football team coaches for this year? How many national football teams are in Africa? Who is the longest-serving national team coach? Who is Cameroon’s manager? Which team is number 1 in Africa? Who is the best football national team in Africa? Who is the best football coach in Africa? Who is the oldest manager in football? Who is the best footballer in Cameroon? Who is the number one coach in Africa? Who is the highest-paid coach in Africa? Which is the richest football club in Africa? Who is the most decorated coach in Africa? Which team is Pitso Mosimane coaching? Who is the most qualified coach in South Africa? Who is the best coach in the world?

African National Football Team Coaches

I have attempted to name all the coaches that are currently managing the national male football teams in the 54 countries in Africa. In the list, I placed the nationality of each manager beside their names as well as the year they were appointed as coaches to the various nations.

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List Of All African National Football Team Managers For 2022

Algeria: Djamel Belmadi (Algeria); 2 August 2018   

Angola: Pedro Gonçalves (Portugal); 2 September 2019    

Benin: Michel Dussuyer (France); 26 June 2018      

Botswana: Adel Amrouche (Algeria); 27 August 2019        

Burkina Faso: Kamou Malo (Burkina Faso); 24 July 2019   

Burundi: Jimmy Ndayizeye (Burundi); 1 August 2020                     

Cameroon: Rigobert Song (Cameroon); 28 February 2022             

Cape Verde: Bubista (Cape Verde); 28 January 2020         

Chad: Djimtan Yatamadji (Chad); 30 October 2020

Comoros: Amir Abdou (France); 13 January 2014   

Congo: Paul Put (Belgium); 27 May 2021    

DR Congo: Héctor Cúper (Argentina); 14 May 2021           

Ivory Coast: Patrice Beaumelle (France); 4 March 2020    

Djibouti: Julien Mette (France); 19 March 2019                 

Egypt: Carlos Queiroz (Portugal); 9 September 2021         

Equatorial Guinea: Juan Micha (Equatorial Guinea); 24 March 2021                   

Eritrea: Alemseged Efrem (Eritrea); 26 January 2015                    

Eswatini: Dominic Kunene (Eswatini); 19 January 2020      

Ethiopia: Wubetu Abate (Ethiopia); 20 July 2018    

Gabon: Patrice Neveu (France); 19 May 2019        

Gambia: Tom Saintfiet (Belgium); 18 July 2018      

Ghana: Otto Addo (Ghana); 9 February 2022                      

Guinea: Didier Six (France); 13 September 2019    

Guinea-Bissau: Baciro Candé (Guinea-Bissau); 16 March 2016     

Kenya: Jacob Mulee (Kenya); 22 October 2020       

Lesotho: Thabo Senong (South Africa); 28 August 2019      

Liberia: Peter Butler (England); 21 August 2019     

Libya: Javier Clemente (Spain); 5 June 2021           

Madagascar: Nicolas Dupuis (France); 23 March 2016       

Malawi: Meke Mwase (Malawi); 16 June 2019       

Mali: Mohamed Magassouba (Mali); 8 September 2017    

Mauritania: Corentin Martins (France); 8 October 2014    

Mauritius: Boualem Mankour (France); 27 February 2020

Mayotte: Massoundi Abidi (Mayotte)                                 

Morocco: Vahid Halilhodžić (Bosnia and Herzegovina); 19 August 2019   

Mozambique: Luís Gonçalves (Portugal); 18 August 2019  

Namibia: Bobby Samaria (Namibia); 15 July 2019  

Niger: Jean-Michel Cavalli (France); 12 November 2019                

Nigeria: José Peseiro (Portugal); 29 December 2021          

Réunion: Jean-Pierre Bade (France); 2009              

Rwanda: Vincent Mashami (Rwanda); 18 August 2018      

São Tomé and Príncipe: Adriano Eusébio (São Tomé and Príncipe); 11 November 2019 

Senegal: Aliou Cissé (Senegal); 4 March 2015        

Seychelles: Ralph Jean-Louis (Seychelles); 1 January 2020             

Sierra Leone: John Keister (Sierra Leone); 10 August 2020

Somalia: Said Abdi Haibeh (Somalia); 1 December 2019                

South Africa: Hugo Broos (Belgium); 5 May 2021  

South Sudan: Cyprian Besong Ashu (Germany); 2 July 2019          

Sudan: Hubert Velud (France); 28 January 2020     

Togo: Paulo Duarte (Portugal); 3 May 2021

Uganda: Milutin Sredojević (Serbia); 27 July 2021  

Zambia: Beston Chambeshi (Zambia); 27 July 2021

Zanzibar: Hemed Suleiman (Zanzibar)                                

Zimbabwe: Zdravko Logarušić (Croatia); 29 January 2020

The arrangement of this African national football team coaches is not in the order of top best but done in alphabetical order.

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