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Africa Cup of Nations Round of 16 Fixtures Revealed

The group stages of the Africa Cup of Nations have come to an end, with some surprising results and unexpected advancements.

As the tournament moves into the Round of 16, fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming matches.

Here is a full list of the fixtures, including the date, time, and venue for each game.

Saturday, – Angola vs Namibia at Bouake (6:00pm) – Nigeria vs Cameroon at Abidjan (9:00pm) Sunday, – Equatorial Guinea vs Guinea at Abidjan (6:00pm) – Egypt vs Democratic Republic of Congo at San Pedro (8:00pm) Monday, – Cape Verde vs Mauritania at Abidjan (6:00pm) – Senegal vs Ivory Coast at Yamoussoukro (8:00pm) Tuesday, – Mali vs Burkina Faso at Korhogo (6:00pm) – Morocco vs South Africa at San Pedro (8:00pm)

It is worth noting that some underdog teams have made it to the Round of 16, surprising football fans.

Namibia and Mauritania, in particular, have defied expectations and secured their place in the next stage of the tournament.

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