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AFCON 2022: CAF unveils official match ball

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Confederation of African Football (CAF) has unveiled the official match ball that will be used at next year’s African Cup of Nations in Cameroon, reports.

The ball named “Toghu” will be used for the entirety of the tournament by the 24 teams in 52 matches to be played during the competition.

A statement on CAF’s website on Tuesday revealed that “Toghu” is fashioned after a Cameroonian traditional cloth.

The statement further said “Toghu’ is a multi-coloured and finely embroidered outfit. A ‘Toghu’ was initially designed for Royalty in the North West region of Cameroon but has since been adopted by the Cameroonians as an outfit for special occasions”.

Toghu is said to be an acronym for:

T- Tradition
O- Ornate
G- Glory
H- Heritage
U- Unity

According to CAF, The new match ball is “designed to meet the highest standards in the game, the ball features simple technological features including a smart panel configuration and it’s FIFA approved to be used at the highest levels of the games.”

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