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Why Nigeria is not in FIFA 23?

One of the most popular sports video game franchises in the world, FIFA, has captivated millions of fans with its realistic gameplay and extensive roster of teams. However, fans of the Nigerian national football team were left disappointed when they discovered that Nigeria was not included in FIFA 23.

This absence has led to many questions and speculations about why Nigeria was excluded from the game.

In this article, we will explore some possible reasons for Nigeria’s absence in FIFA 23.

Licensing Issues

One of the primary reasons for a national team’s absence in FIFA games is licensing issues.

In order for a national team to be included in the game, the game developers need to secure the rights to use the team’s name, logo, and players’ likenesses.

These licensing agreements can be complex and involve negotiations with various football associations and governing bodies.

It is possible that the licensing agreement between the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) and the game developers was not reached in time for the release of FIFA 23.

Negotiations can sometimes take longer than expected, resulting in the exclusion of certain teams from the game.

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However, it is important to note that licensing issues are usually temporary, and there is a possibility that Nigeria may be included in future updates or editions of the game.

Lack of Representation

Another possible reason for Nigeria’s absence in FIFA 23 could be a lack of representation from Nigerian players in the game.

Game developers often prioritize including teams and players that have a significant global fan base and market appeal.

If there is a perceived lack of interest or demand for Nigerian players among the game’s target audience, it could influence the decision to exclude Nigeria from the roster.

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However, it is worth mentioning that FIFA games have a history of including a wide range of national teams, including those from smaller footballing nations.

Therefore, the lack of representation may not be the sole reason for Nigeria’s exclusion.

Game Development Constraints

Developing a video game as complex as FIFA requires substantial resources, time, and manpower.

Game developers need to balance various factors, such as licensing agreements, player ratings, and gameplay mechanics, to deliver an enjoyable gaming experience.

It is possible that the developers faced constraints in terms of time and resources, which may have influenced their decision to exclude certain national teams, including Nigeria, from FIFA 23.

Additionally, the developers may have prioritized other features or improvements in the game, such as enhanced graphics, gameplay mechanics, or the inclusion of new leagues and clubs.

These decisions are often made to cater to the preferences and demands of the game’s global fan base.


While the absence of Nigeria in FIFA 23 may be disappointing for fans of the Nigerian national football team, it is important to understand that there could be various reasons for this exclusion.

Licensing issues, lack of representation, and game development constraints are some possible factors that may have influenced the decision.

It is worth noting that the absence of a team in one edition of the game does not necessarily mean that they will be excluded in future versions.

As the game evolves and new updates are released, there is always a possibility for Nigeria to be included in FIFA’s roster once again.

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