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What Happens If a Betway Game Is Postponed?

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In the event that a match is postponed, Betway has specific policies in place to ensure fair treatment for its customers. If a match is postponed, Betway will treat it as a non-runner and void any bets placed on that match. Customers will be notified of the postponement and the voiding of their bets.

If the postponed match is rescheduled within seven days, the bets will stand for 24 hours unless cancelled by Betway. Customers can check their “My Bets” section and review their betting history to see if their bet was voided due to postponement.

For customers who used a free bet on a postponed match, their free bet will be refunded and credited to their Betway account. They can then use the free bet on an upcoming event or wait until the postponed match is rescheduled.

When it comes to multibets, a single bet on a postponed match will result in the return of the stake. However, a multibet will be treated differently. In this case, the multibet will stand, but Betway will recalculate the winnings without the odds for the postponed match. The recalculated odds are based on the remaining events in the multibet.

If a match is postponed or cancelled before the final whistle, Betway will settle any results that were already determined and cancel all other bets. Customers are then free to use their returned bets on future betting opportunities.

For Betway’s Build a Bet feature, which combines multiple single events under one betslip, if one event is postponed, the entire bet will be cancelled, and the staked amount will be forfeited. This is because the payout is based on the accumulative odds, and the postponement of one event affects the outcome of the entire bet.

It’s important to note that if a bet type had not been determined at the time of postponement, the amount staked will be returned. However, in some cases where the outcome of a bet is not possible due to the postponement, the bet will be voided and returned.

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