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Tuchel: Lukaku Fit To Play 70 Minutes

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has a plan to get Romelu Lukaku back to full fitness.

The Belgian striker is a keg cog in the Chelsea machine, as they need his power and goals to try and put together a winning run in the Premier League.

Lukaku could be involved as Chelsea take on his former club Everton in the Premier League on Thursday.

Asked about Lukaku, Tuchel told reporters: “With fitness, we can debate endlessly what is fit and what is not fit. A player will say I am fit, maybe some fitness coaches will agree, disagree, then comes the head coach and maybe disagrees or agrees. It depends on the game or the intensity of the game.

“We let him play 70 something minutes against Zenit. Then we had a lot of travelling and lack of sleep and a very intensive opponent with Leeds so we decided not put him in this straight away,. I think he can play 70-plus but it depends on how the game goes.”

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