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The Secret Payment: How Barcelona Paid Referee 1.4 Million Off the Books

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A recent report exposed that FC Barcelona had paid 1.4 million euros to a former vice president of Spain’s referees committee over the course of 2016 and 2018, with none of the payments being invoiced.

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu came forward to defend the payments, citing them as “advisory work” used to educate players on appropriate referee conduct.

However, no proof of services was provided by Negreira.

Since then, Barcelona have released a statement confirming their payment for “external technical consultant” services and that such practices are seen in professional football clubs.

Club head coach Xavi Hernandez briefly addressed the reports stating his defense for the institution, even though he had left for other clubs prior to these payment allegations proceedings.

The outcome of this scandal is yet unknown but it could bring severe consequences including points or even relegation from La Liga.

Barcelona currently lead La Liga and are cruising through a 11-game winning streak heading into their Europa League group stage fixture against Manchester United on Thursday.

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