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Tennis Star Rafael Nadal Shares Dream of Becoming Real Madrid President

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Rafael Nadal, the tennis star and avid Real Madrid fan, has expressed his dream of becoming the president of the club in the future.

However, he acknowledges that he may not meet the criteria for the position.

Nadal, who plans to retire from tennis in 2024, admires the current president, Florentino Pérez, and believes that he is the best person for the job at the moment.

Nadal is realistic about his qualifications and understands that time will tell if he is capable of taking on such a role.

Madrid’s statutes outline specific requirements for the presidency, including being a member for 20 years, being able to guarantee 15% of the club’s annual budget, and holding Spanish nationality.

While Nadal has been an honorary member since 2011, he is unsure if he fulfills all the necessary criteria.

Perez has been reelected unopposed multiple times since 2009 and currently, Madrid is performing well in LaLiga.

Nadal also expressed his support for the potential signing of Kylian Mbappé and believes that another forward would benefit the team.

He is hopeful that Mbappé will join Madrid in the future.

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