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Super Eagles 1994 World Cup Squad Listed

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Who are the players in Super Eagles 1994 World Cup squad? Who was the captain of Super Eagle in 1994? Is it true India beat Nigeria 99 1? Has any African country won the World Cup? Did Nigeria qualify for World Cup? What is the biggest win in the world Cup? Has Cameroon ever won the World Cup? Who played in 5 World Cups? Who is the youngest World Cup winner? Who is the oldest player to ever play in a World Cup? Who scored in 4 World Cups? Who is the only player to score a hattrick in two World Cups? Who was the first player to get a red card? How far has Nigeria gone in the World Cup?

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Nigeria World Cup History

The 1994 World Cup host is the United States of America. The Super Eagles of Nigeria had qualified for the first time in history. The Nigerian team went on to rank fifth in FIFA World Rankings thereby becoming the highest-ranked African nation ever. And if you saw the Nigeria 1994 World Cup jersey, you will marvel!

Nigeria lived up to expectations by thrashing Bulgaria 3-0 in their first-ever World Cup match but lost to Argentina 1-2 in their second game. The Eagles soared again and defeated Greece 2-0 to progress to the next round and finished first in their group.

However, Italy put a stop to the Super Eagles’ progress in the round of 16.

Emmanuel Amuneke had given Nigeria the lead in the 25th minute, and it looked like the West African team was going to make it to the quarter-final only for Roberto Baggio to pull one back for Italy in the 88th minute. That dying minute goal took the match to extra time.

Unfortunately again for the Super Eagles, a penalty was awarded against them in the 102nd minute and Baggio made no mistake to put it behind goalkeeper Peter Rufai.

That was the end of Nigeria’s World Cup dreams that year. Unless you are talking about the age grades, Nigeria ever won the World Cup before.

World Cup 1994 Results Table

I will start expectedly from the World Cup 1994 group stage results. Without telling, you will see Nigeria’s 1994 world cup results too below.

World Cup 1994 Group Stage Results

17.06.1994 (The 1994 World Cup schedule begins here)

  • 20:00: Germany 1-0 Bolivia

18.06. 1994

  • 00:30: South Korea 2-2 Spain
  • 15:30: Switzerland 1-1 USA
  • 20:00: Ireland 1-0 Italy

19.06. 1994

  • 02:30: Romania 1-3 Colombia
  • 17:30: Morocco 0-1 Belgium
  • 20:00: Mexico 0-1 Norway

20.06. 1994

  • 02:30: Sweden 2-2 Cameroon
  • 23:00: Russia 0-2 Brazil
  • 23:30: Saudi Arabia 1-2 Netherlands

21.06. 1994

  • 17:30: Greece 0-4 Argentina
  • 21:00: Spain 1-1 Germany

22.06. 1994

  • 00:30: Bulgaria 0-3 Nigeria
  • 20:00: Switzerland 4-1 Romania

23.06. 1994

  • 02:30: Colombia 1-2 USA
  • 20:00: Norway 0-1 Italy

24.06. 1994

  • 00:30: Bolivia 0-0 South Korea
  • 17:30: Ireland 1-2 Mexico
  • 23:00: Cameroon 0-3 Brazil
  • 23:30: Russia 1-3 Sweden

25.06. 1994

  • 16:30: Morocco 1-2 Saudi Arabia
  • 16:30: Netherlands 0-1 Belgium
  • 21:00: Nigeria 1-2 Argentina

26.06. 1994

  • 17:30: Greece 0-4 Bulgaria
  • 23:00: Romania 1-0 USA
  • 23:00: Colombia 2-0 Switzerland

27.06. 1994

  • 21:00: South Korea 2-3 Germany
  • 21:00: Spain 3-1 Bolivia

28.06. 1994

  • 10:30: Mexico 1-1 Italy
  • 10:30: Norway 0-0 Ireland
  • 23:00: Cameroon 1-6 Russia
  • 23:00: Sweden 1-1 Brazil

29.06. 1994

  • 16:30: Netherlands 2-1 Morocco
  • 16:30: Saudi Arabia 1-0 Belgium

01.07. 1994

  • 00:30: Nigeria 2-0 Greece
  • 00:30: Bulgaria 2-0 Argentina

1994 World Cup Round of 16 Fixtures & Results

02.07. 1994

  • 08:30: Switzerland 0-3 Spain
  • 16:00: Belgium 2-3 Germany

03.07. 1994

  • 18:00: Sweden 3-1 Saudi Arabia
  • 19:30: Argentina 2-3 Romania

04.07. 1994

  • 16:00: Ireland 0-2 Netherlands
  • 18:30: USA 0-1 Brazil

05.07. 1994

  • 17:00: Italy 2-1 Nigeria
  • 20:30: Bulgaria 2-1 Mexico

1994 World Cup Quater-Final Fixtures & Results

09.07. 1994

  • 16:00: Spain 1-2 Italy
  • 20:30: Brazil 3-2 Netherlands

10.07. 1994

  • 16:00: Germany 1-2 Bulgaria
  • 19:30: Sweden 3-2 Romania

1994 World Cup Semi-Final Fixtures & Results

13.07. 1994

  • 20:00: Italy 2-1 Bulgaria
  • 23:30: Brazil 1-0 Sweden

1994 World Cup Third Place Fixture & Results

16.07. 1994

  • 19:30: Bulgaria 0-4 Sweden

World Cup 1994 Final

17.07. 1994

  • 19:30: Italy 0-1 Brazil

Thus, the World Cup 1994 winner is Brazil.

Let’s move away from the 1994 FIFA World Cup results and see the lineups in all the four games Nigeria played at the Mundial.

Nigeria Vs Bulgaria 1994 Line Up

Super Eagles Starting Lineup:

  • Goalkeeper: Peter Rufai (Captain)
  • Defenders: Augustine Eguavoen, Benedict Iroha, Chidi N’Wanu, Uche Okechukwu
  • Midfielders: Emmanuel Amunike, Sunday Oliseh
  • Forwards: Finidi George, Daniel Amokachi, Samson Siasia, Rashidi Yekini

Siasia was subbed in the 68th minute for Mutiu Adepoju and Finidi in the 77th minute for Emeka Ezeogu.

Amunike was issued a Yellow card in the 73rd minute.

The scoreline ended Nigeria 3 – 0 Bulgaria and the goals were scored by Yekini(21″), Amokachi(43″) and Amunike(55″).

Nigeria Vs Bulgaria 1994 Highlights below:

Nigeria Vs Argentina 1994 Lineup

Super Eagles Starting Lineup:

  • Goalkeeper: Peter Rufai (Captain)
  • Defenders: Augustine Eguavoen, Michael Emenalo, Chidi N’Wanu, Uche Okechukwu
  • Midfielders: Emmanuel Amunike, Sunday Oliseh
  • Forwards: Finidi George, Daniel Amokachi, Samson Siasia, Rashidi Yekini

Siasia was subbed in the 56th minute for Mutiu Adepoju and Oliseh in the 87the minute for Jay-Jay Okocha.

Eguavoen and Emenalo were issued Yellow cards in the 20th and 53rd minutes.

The scoreline ended as Argentina 2-1 Nigeria and the goals were scored by Claudio Caniggia for Argentina(22″ and 29″), Siasia for Nigeria(8″)

Nigeria Vs Argentina World Cup History

How many times has Nigeria played Argentina in the World Cup? And why are Argentina and Nigeria always in the same group?

So far in the World Cup, Nigeria and Argentina have played a total of five games, of which the Super Eagles are yet to record a win, whereas Argentina have won all.

As for International Friendly, both teams have played three times and Nigeria won twice and Argentina won one.

FIFA World Cup

  • 25 Jun 1994: Argentina 2-1 Nigeria               
  • 02 Jun 2002: Argentina 1-0 Nigeria               
  • 12 Jun 2010: Argentina 1-0 Nigeria               
  • 25 Jun 2014: Nigeria 2-3 Argentina               
  • 26 Jun 2018: Nigeria 1-2 Argentina 

International Friendly

  • 01 Jun 2011: Nigeria 4-1 Argentina               
  • 06 Sep 2011: Argentina 3-1 Nigeria              
  • 14 Nov 2017: Argentina 2-4 Nigeria 

Only at the FIFA Confederations Cup on 10 Jan 1995 did Nigeria play a goalless draw with Argentina.

Nigeria Vs Greece 1994 World Cup

Super Eagles Starting Lineup:

  • Goalkeeper: Peter Rufai
  • Defenders: Michael Emenalo, Stephen Keshi (Captain), Chidi N’Wanu, Uche Okechukwu
  • Midfielders: Emmanuel Amunike, Sunday Oliseh
  • Forwards: Finidi George, Daniel Amokachi, Samson Siasia, Rashidi Yekini

Yekini was subbed in the 69th minute for Jay-Jay Okocha and Finidi in the 83rd minute for Mutiu Adepoju.

Oliseh and Keshi were issued Yellow cards in the 66th and 70th minutes.

The scoreline ended as Greece 0-2 Nigeria and the goals were scored by Finidi(45″) and Amokachi(90″)

All the above are Nigeria’s 1994 World Cup group stage results in chronological order, let’s now see the second round result.

Nigeria Vs Italy 1994 Lineup

Starting Lineup:

  • Goalkeeper: Peter Rufai (Captain)
  • Defender: Augustine Eguavoen, Michael Emenalo, Chidi N’Wanu, Uche Okechukwu
  • Midfielder: Emmanuel Amunike, Jay Jay Okocha, Sunday Oliseh
  • Forward: Finidi George, Daniel Amokachi, Rashidi Yekini

Amokachi was subbed in the 34th minute for Mutiu Adepoju and Amunike in the 57th minute for Thompson Oliha.

The match was so tense that Nigeria got four Yellow cards: Emenalo(2″) Adepoju(42″) Oliseh(54″) N’Wanu(59″).

The game went into extra time after full time ended 1-1 but the eventual scoreline was Italy 2-1 Nigeria and the goals were scored by Amunike(27″), Roberto Baggio(88″), Roberto Baggio again (PK) (102″).

Nigeria Vs Italy 1994 Highlights

You may have noticed that the squad’s captainship was alternated between late Keshi and Rufai, actually, Stephen Keshi was the original captain of Nigeria’s Super Eagles 1994 World Cup squad.

All FIFA World Cup 1994 Goal Scorers

6 Goals

Oleg Salenko (Russia); Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria)

5 Goals

Kennet Andersson (Sweden); Roberto Baggio (Italy); Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany); Romario (Brazil)

4 Goals

Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina); Martin Dahlin (Sweden); Florin Răducioiu (Romania)

3 Goals

Bebeto (Brazil); Dennis Bergkamp (Netherlands); Tomas Brolin (Sweden); Caminero (Spain); Gheorghe Hagi (Romania)

2 Goals

Philippe Albert (Belgium); Daniel Amokachi (Nigeria); Emmanuel Amunike (Nigeria); Faud Anwar (Saudi Arabia); Dino Baggio (Italy); Claudio Caniggia (Argentina); Ilie Dumitrescu (Romania); Luis Garcia (Mexico); Goikoetxea (Spain); Wim Jonk (Netherlands); Adrian Knup (Switzerland); Yordan Letchkov (Bulgaria); HONG Myong-Bo (Korea Republic); Adolfo Valencia (Colombia); Rudi Völler (Germany)

1 Goal

Fahad Al Ghesheyan (Saudi Arabia); Sami Al-Jaber (Saudi Arabia); Saeed Al-Owairan (Saudi Arabia); John Aldridge (Republic of Ireland); Abel Balbo (Argentina); Begiristáin (Spain); Marcelino Bernal (Mexico); Daniel Borimirov (Bulgaria); Branco (Brazil); Georges Bregy (Switzerland); Mohamed Chaouch (Morocco); Stéphane Chapuisat (Switzerland); Marc Degryse (Belgium); David Embe (Cameroon); Alberto Garcia Aspe (Mexico); Herman Gaviria (Colombia); Finidi George (Nigeria); Georges Grün (Belgium); Guardiola (Spain); Hierro (Spain); Ray Houghton (Republic of Ireland); SEO Jung-Won (Korea Republic); Henrik Larsson (Sweden); Roger Ljung (Sweden); Harold Lozano (Colombia); Luis Enrique (Spain); Diego Maradona (Argentina); Marcio Santos (Brazil); Daniele Massaro (Italy); Lothar Matthäus (Germany); Hakan Mild (Sweden); Roger Milla (Cameroon); Hassan Nader (Morocco); Francois Omam-Biyik (Cameroon); Dan Petrescu (Romania); Dmitri Radchenko (Russia); Rai (Brazil); Kjetil Rekdal (Norway); Karl-Heinz Riedle (Germany); Bryan Roy (Netherlands); Salinas (Spain); Erwin Sanchez (Bolivia); Samson Siasia (Nigeria); Nasko Sirakov (Bulgaria); Earnie Stewart (USA); HWANG Sun-Hong (Korea Republic); Alain Sutter (Switzerland); Gaston Taument (Netherlands); Aron Winter (Netherlands); Eric Wynalda (USA); Rashidi Yekini (Nigeria)

1994 World Cup Mascot

Striker was picked as the 1994 FIFA world cup mascot. The official mascot was a dog wearing a red, white and blue soccer uniform with a ball designed by the Warner Bros. animation team. Dogs are a common pet in the United States, hence the choice as the mascot.

Let’s now go see Super Eagles 1994 World Cup squad.

Nigeria 1994 World Cup Squad List

[wptb id=7077]

Those are all the Super Eagles 1994 World Cup Squad with their positions, jersey numbers, date of birth and the clubs they played for at that time.

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