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Ronaldo is setting a bad example at United – Paul Ince



Manchester United’s former midfielder, Paul Ince, has criticized Cristiano Ronaldo for being selfish, believes the Portuguese star is setting a bad example at the club.

Ince, a two time Premier League winner with the Red Devils, made this known in a chat with SunSport ahead of United’s home tie with Brighton on Tuesday (today).

According to him, if Ronaldo is not scoring, he won’t be happy, adding that he saw it when the 37-year-old was at Juventus.

“People were saying he would be great for the club, the players and the youngsters. We thought that would be the case but the example he’s setting, by throwing his toys out of the pram, is a bad one,” Ince told SunSport.

“Why would you listen to someone who is prepared to act the way he is? As we have seen on numerous occasions – running down the tunnel, not clapping fans, sulking – it is not a good example to set.

“I get the frustration but you have got to take that out behind closed doors, not in full view of the fans and cameras.”

Ince further added that the 37-year old Ronaldo should understand that everything doesn’t evolve around him and that the team must be the first on his mind.

“He was flying when he started but then he stopped getting the service, started dropping deeper to where he was not a danger to anybody, and then the frustration came.”

“He is a selfish player – Ronaldo is about Ronaldo. If he is not scoring, he won’t be happy. We saw it at Juventus when, after he left, Giorgio Chiellini said they can be a family again.

“It should be about Manchester United and the team but it has become all about him, and now we are seeing the full frustration.”

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