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Pundits Predict Harry Kane’s Departure from Tottenham as Daniel Levy Accepts Bid

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There is speculation that Harry Kane may be leaving Tottenham Hotspur as Daniel Levy, the chairman of the club, is said to have accepted a bid from Bayern Munich.

Darren Bent, a pundit for talkSPORT, believes that Levy will accept the bid and that Tottenham will not be significantly worse off without Kane.

Another pundit, Darren Ambrose, also feels that Tottenham should cash in on Kane.

Bayern Munich has given Levy a deadline to accept their offer, which totals around £86 million.

While Kane has been a valuable player for Tottenham, scoring 280 goals in 10 seasons, he is out of contract next summer and the club has the opportunity to receive a substantial sum of money for him.

Bent suggests that if Kane has no desire to stay at Spurs, Levy would be turning his back on a significant amount of money by not accepting the bid.

Despite Kane’s individual success, Tottenham has not won any major trophies with him, leading Bent to believe that it may be time for the club to move on.

Losing Kane could have a significant impact on the team, as he was their top scorer last season and played a crucial role in their performance.

However, if Tottenham were to recruit another top striker and make other strategic signings, they may be able to mitigate the loss.

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